6th International Istanbul Yarn Fair coming soon

April 08, 2008 - Turkey

TÜYAP Fairs And Exhibitions Organization Inc will organize the 6th International Istanbul Yarn Fair between May 14 – 18, 2008 at Tüyap Fair, Convention And Congress Center, Beylikdüzü - Istanbul – Turkey.

Simultaneously with the above fairs and at the same location, 25th International Textile, Knitting, Hosiery Machinery Side Industries and Chemicals Fair has been organized in cooperation with TEMSAD Textile Machinery and Accessories Industrialists Association has hosted all the interested under the same roof.

The fair has been organised with the participation of 466 company and company representatives from 27 countries.

25th International Knitting, Embroidery Hosiery Machines, Side Industries and Accesories Fair Product Groups: Circular Knitting Machines; Flat Knitting Machines; Hosiery Machines; Embroidery Machines; Knitwear, Cotton and Hosiery Steamer Systems; Crochet Machines; Ribbon Basting Machines; Linking Machines; Mattress, Quilting and Padded Machines; Printing Machines; Knitting Fabric Spreading, Quality Control Systems; Textile Chemicals; Knitting Machines, Side Industry and Accessories; Automation Systems; Laboratory Equipment and Related Instruments; Transport, Handling and Packing Equipment; Computerized Systems and Programs for the Textile Industry; Professional Publications.

25th International Textile Machines, Side Industries And Textile Chemicals Fair Product Groups: Cotton and Fibres Prepare Machines; Cotton Prepare Machines; Yarn Twisting and Spining Machines; Side Industries and Spare Parts; Fabric Readiness Machines; Fabric Machines; Nonwoven and Industrial Textile Machines; Other Textile Machines; Side Industries and Spare Parts; Washing Machines; Bleaching Machines; Dyeing Machines; Printing and Dry Machines; Finishing and Preparing Machines; Automation Systems; CAD-CAM and CIM Applications and Automation Systems; Laboratory Equipments; Quality Control Equipments; Textile Chemicals; Textile Dyeing; Side Industries; Spare Parts and Accesories; Proffessional Publications; Proffessional Foundations; Educational Institutions.

6th International Istanbul Yarn Fair Product Groups: Cotton Yarns; Cotton Rich Yarns; Elastane Yarns; Wool Yarns; Wool Rich Yarns; Viscose Yarns; Viscose Rich Yarns; Acrylic Yarns; Acrylic Rich Yarns; Noble / Fancy Yarns; Polyester Yarns; Polyester Rich Yarns; Silk Yarns; Silk Rich Yarns; Polypropylene Yarns; Polyamide Yarns; Linen Yarns; Linen Rich Yarns; Natural Yarns, Metallic Yarns; Technical Yarns; Sewing Yarns; Embroidery Yarns; Nylon Yarns; Hand – Knitted Yarns; Textured Yarns ; Fiber; Bobbin, Reel; Related Publications

TÜYAP who is the only fair organizer owning its fairgrounds which has reached upto a capacity of 60.000 sqm indoors area with the addition of new investments, performs with a permanent staff of 360 and serves the sector with its accumulated know-how in Knitting, Embroidery, Hosiery Machines, Side Industry and Chemicals fairs for more than twenty years.

Being the biggest and most important commercial activity in Eurasia, the mentioned fairs are also significant meeting point for the leader machine and yarn producers at Turkey and all over the world. The fairs may ve visited between 10:00-19:00 hours between May 14-18.