CIBJO Congress opens at Grosvenor House

April 14, 2008 - United Arab Emirates

The World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO) Congress 2008, a major trade event which will be held for the first time in the Middle East, opened (Monday, April 14, 2008) at the Grosvenor House, Dubai, UAE. H.E. Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Alshihhi, Undersecretary – Planning Sector, UAE Ministry of Economy, delivered the event’s keynote speech, where he highlighted the importance of the jewellery sector in regional development and global financial stability and lauded the Middle East’s leading role in this growth industry.

Under the patronage of the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre, the event reflects the importance of the region in the international jewellery trade.

The event gathers members of the international jewellery trade, and representatives from the government and United Nations, to address the global outlook for various industry issues and discuss trends in worldwide commerce.

“The combined gold and jewellery sector is attracting renewed international interest due to volatile global financial markets.

The UAE is in a favourable position to capitalize on this trend, as our country has a long, established and rich history of jewellery crafting and trade.

Our host city, Dubai, is in fact regarded as the “Jewellery Destination of the World,” as it hosts the highest concentration of jewellery shops in the world; 10 per cent of its GDP in 2007 was derived from combined gold and jewellery revenues,” said H.E. Alshihhi.

H.E. Alshihhi spoke about how the industry contributed to the UAE’s economic diversification efforts and the country’s broader three-year Federal Government Strategy for attaining higher levels of national excellence and prosperity.

He also affirmed the UAE Government’s support for the jewellery sector and other national growth industries, and also lauded CIBJO’s global advocacy for the jewellery trade, particularly in protecting consumer confidence.

“As the most active economy in the Middle East, the UAE joins the international jewellery community in promoting stronger industry cooperation and addressing issues which affect its sustained growth.

We also pledge our support for CIBJO’s advocacy of this vibrant trade, especially through the protection of consumer confidence, which is also a priority concern of the Ministry of Economy,” added H.E. Alshihhi.

The World Jewellery Confederation Congress 2008 is organised by CIBJO, an international confederation of national jewellery trade organizations.

Founded in 1926 as a purely European organization, CIBJO eventually became global in 1961 and currently includes members from 40 countries around the world.

CIBJO’s purpose is to promote international industry harmony and cooperation and provide a forum to address global industry concerns, particularly the protection of consumer confidence.