Al Jaber unveils Vogue Spring/Summer Sun Collection

April 14, 2008 - United Arab Emirates

Al Jaber Trading unveils the sensational Vogue Spring/Summer 2008 Sun Collection. Highlighted by curvaceous lines converging to form lively shapes, The new collection offers a delectable array of 26 models - 17 in acetate and 9 in metal.

The famous brand's intent is clear - to enhance the looks of the youthful and spirited with seductive, sparkling personalities to match. What's more, detailed embellishments add a diva-like touch to the models.

"Vogue is associated the world over with style-setting features sought by celebrities and connoisseurs alike. This season it presents its charming Spring/Summer 2008 Sun Collection which I am certain our fashion-conscious customers will find as the perfect accessories for the season,” said Ahmed Jaber, Managing Director of Al Jaber Trading.

The Vogue Spring/Summer 2008 Sun Collection:
Vogue accents and hypes the glamour quotient of its creations with eye catching details such as wide, wrap-around masks, retro combinations and tiny sparkles of rhinestone glitter, endowing its latest eyewear sensations with a Diva touch that's unmistakable.

VO 2518SB:
Oozing glamour unlimited, this model boasts a contemporary design to set its wearer apart in a realm of her own. The bright transparency of its front's curvy, bispherical mask with wide wraparound features has generous acetate arms.

A distinct 'V' gains accent with tiny concentric circles of rhinestones that also joins the arm to the front. This model is offered in several catchy shades, like black (W44/87), white (W826/8G) and bronze (1437/13).

VO 2509SB:
Pure, smooth looks and wraparound features proclaim femininity at sight in this model. The front swings into slim arms adorned with three rows of glittering rhinestones in front of the brand's logo. The colour palette includes black (W44/87), ivory (1571/13) and shaded black (W44/8G).

Super lightweight features make this one of the most delectable models of the Vogue Spring/Summer Sun collection. It spells dynamic femininity with its wide mask and entirely metal arms where a Vogue logo appears in the beginning and is preceded by a half star of rhinestones highlighting the metal of the arms.

Its colour palette includes shades of black (352/8G), silver (323/8G) and gold with a special dappled trim on the arm (280/13).

VO 3636S:
An outstanding model fashioned in the shape of an X, it exudes glamour at every angle. Its metal heel decorates the piece and plays with the contrast of its arms.

Vogue's logo appears in blocked-out metal on the arms with the model offered in a colour palette that includes shaded black (323/8G), the eccentric shades of dappled effect (280/13) and streaked blue (352/8G).

VO 3635SB:
Ergonomic cool defines this metal creation, with an attitude of freshness and energy that's adorable. Contemporary good looks and charm offer a wrap-around mask front and wide, face-hugging arms.

A triple row of rhinestones define the arm vertically in this bold model which comes in a colour palette including the gutsy and bold, black (352/8G), playful tones of gold (280/13) and white (419/87).

Vogue’s Spring/Summer Sun Collection 2008 is available at main optical shops in the UAE.