Touch of Gray in a new way

April 17, 2008 - United States Of America

As the Boomer Generation embraces its 50s and 60s, it is saying forget what tradition says about this age, we're the generation that refuses to get old. Gone are the days when approaching 60 signaled men were over the hill.

Instead, the first wave of Baby Boomers is embracing this stage of life not only on the inside through exciting life experiences but also on the outside through new grooming products developed specifically for them that make them feel their best.

"Boomers are by no means ready to kick back and relax," says Michael Kimmel, a sociology professor at SUNY Stony Brook in New York and an expert on male boomers. "This generation is the most driven set of men and they are very dedicated to their jobs, social and family life."

Boomers may still be vital, but they also hear the march of time as their hair and skin begin to age. "There is a sense of wanting to live life to its fullest and men often feel that maintaining their appearance by controlling their gray hair is a way to keep the party going," Kimmel says.

The key is finding the right balance, says celebrity men's grooming expert Losi, who has styled boomer stars such as George Clooney and Al Pacino.

She offers these tips to help men achieve the look they desire:
- Go for the right product: If you don't have much gray, you may want to consider a product to get rid of all your gray. It won't be a big change at this stage of the graying process, says Losi.

If you have more gray, choose a product that will reduce the gray gradually while still keeping some of the gray. Products like this will tone down your gray hair and help keep you looking your best, explains Losi.

Losi suggests an at-home product such as Touch Of Gray by Just For Men available at drugstores, all mass market chains. This hair treatment is designed to gradually reduce and control the amount of gray with an easy-to-use comb applicator.

- Learn to care for gray hair: Gray hair can be coarse and oily. Look for clarifying shampoos and conditioners that exfoliate your scalp and help dissipate oil buildup. Opt for lightweight oils and serums to keep gray hair soft and manageable.

Also, keep in mind that environmental factors, such as chlorine or hard water can discolor gray hair, Losi says. Rinsing in non-chlorinated water is essential, especially if you've been swimming.

- Get the right cut and style: Choose a styling product that will enhance gray hair and offer shine. Lightweight shine sprays and serums are good choices.

Losi suggests trying a light pomade applied from back to the front of your head. When visiting the salon, opt for a short style, as gray hair is more manageable at this length.

- Protect your skin: Use a sunscreen and moisturizer every morning to protect your skin and keep it moisturized.