Safety always first for Holeys Japan

April 22, 2008 - Japan

Holeys Japan, importer of Holeys (formerly Holeys Soles) products for Japan, always places safety first and foremost for their valued customers.

“From inception Holeys Japan has worked closely with Holeys in Canada to ensure that products are safe and provide the best performance and comfort for customers.” says Jason Millward, President of Holeys Japan. Holeys Japan also states that when used properly and when safety guidelines are followed by escalator makers that Holeys’ products pose no safety hazard.

For 2008 Holeys Japan has implemented a Kids Safety Program to draw awareness to safety issues from stranger danger to street and escalator safety. "Since March all new kids products carry special safety messages for kids and parents to remind us of various daily dangers around us” states Jason Millward, President of Holeys Japan.

“My 5 year-old-son wears Holeys everyday and I fully trust that the innovations by Holeys have greatly reduced accident potential but ultimately as a responsible parent it is my duty to ensure that my child practices safety and proper manners when riding on escalators.” further states Jason Millward.

Holeys in Canada states that safety has been a high priority when developing new products over the last several years. As an example, Sole-tek, their new thermo rubber tread creates a more rigid and slip resistant shoe which is less likely to get caught in escalators.

“Our products are designed for people that embrace positive active lifestyles.” states Joyce Groote, President & CEO of Holeys. “Our priority is to consider safety and functionality when innovating new products.”

Some of Holeys other safety features in footwear include:
• Fit: Holeys has designed their footwear with a narrower fit. By contrast, some of the clogs on the market are more floppy and loose fitting.

• Round edges on the side and base of footwear: the sleek designs of the Critters Clog, XP2 and Getaway models are less prone to be pinched or caught by the edges of escalators.

• Closed Toe Ends: openings are removed from the forefoot to protect toes from debris such as rocks, broken glass or sticks. This also prevents toe exposure on escalators & protects the toes when footwear is stubbed against rocks or ledges.

Holeys has developed an entire children’s product line, Critters by Holeys. This fun line embodies positive social values, community involvement and safety. The Critters line will include marketing campaigns related to Kids Safety and key messages will be seen at point of sale as well as advertising.

While Holeys is constantly innovating to create safe products, they also caution parents to take extra care with their younger children on any escalator, regardless of what they are wearing.

A number of things can get caught in escalators such as shoelaces, long jeans, and long hair. It is recommended to pick children up when going onto an escalator or getting off.