Shahrukh supports Shoppers Stop’s new persona

April 24, 2008 - India

Shoppers Stop, India’s premier fashion and lifestyle destination, unveiled its new evolved identity, as Shah Rukh Khan, the King of Bollywood revealed the new logo and introduced the new expression of the brand.

With the changed identity, Shoppers Stop has upgraded its positioning to a ‘bridge to luxury’ store and continues to reinforce its position as a leader in the fashion retail industry.

The new logo has an international look and a timeless appeal. It is a reflection of Shoppers Stop brand’s character of being a Trusted & Inspiring Guide in the world of fashion, a Progressive & Dynamic brand, which is Imaginative and is a Thought Leader. It continues to exemplify the core values of Trust, Comfort and Warmth which the brand has always stood for.

Keeping in mind the entire ‘bridge to luxury’ positioning & the fact that luxury brands have a flaunt value that symbolises “having arrived”, there is a new symbol that has been created for Shoppers Stop.

The symbol, which is created out of the initials ‘SS’ gives one a cue of infinity & delivers the message of the infinite possibilities that the brand promises.

The new baseline of the brand ‘Start Something New’ encourages customers to take a step ahead to upgrade oneself to the next level in life. It encourages customers to step out of the box and do things that they’ve always wanted to but never had the time for.

The new brand philosophy promises to help customers move up to what the world is advancing to; even bringing them experiences that they may not have yet imagined.

Shoppers Stop has introduced various initiatives in tune with the brand’s new philosophy. Some of the initiatives are
1. Trial rooms with day and night lighting options – this is a first in retail in India and was conceptualized based on a consumer insight that most women wish to evaluate a garment both in day light as well as to see if it looks good for an evening do.
2. Shoppers Stop Radio – This is the first time in the country that a retailer has launched its own in-store radio format. This format has been created specifically keeping in mind the brand’s positioning and the ambience that it presents to its customers.
It takes into account the customers choice of music, the influence it has on their shopping behaviour as well as the upgradation that it provides to the store ambience
3. Service Excellence Program- Shoppers Stop has been the first to ensure that superior customer service is at the core of its philosophy.

It has been the first brand to introduce the concept of “Customer Care Associate”, where everyone in the company is first designated a “Customer Care Associate” to reinforce at all levels that the customer always comes first.

Keeping in line with this philosophy and with an endeavour to move from Customer service to Customer Delight, the company has launched a completely upgraded and revamped Service Excellence Programme,
4. Shopping bags – which have always been an important customer touch point for thebrand. In line with the “fashion retailer” position, they have launched a series of collectable shopping bags of which the first set is themed on ‘Fashion through ages’.
5. Environemental awareness - As a responsible corporate citizen, Shoppers Stop has also taken up to the cause of ‘Think Green’. The first initiative under Think Green is for the cause of Neem Trees. Shoppers Stop has taken the initiative of distributing 1.5 lakh Neem seed sachets alongwith Life Merchandise.
6. Encouraging the consumer to become more aware of the environmental concerns, the press advertising, through its “tongue in cheek” tone highlights environmental concerns.

Speaking at the occasion, Mr. B S Nagesh, Customer Care Associate & MD, said, “The change in the identity is just the beginning of a wave of strategic movements which is being made in people, people practises, introduction of new ways of shopping, technology investment in CRM and analytics.

We introduced to the Indians the modern way of shopping as early as in 1991 and now we will invest in taking our Indian consumer towards the ‘bridge to luxury’ retailing in India & meeting their new found aspirations and global ambitions.”

Mr. Govind Shrikhande, Customer Care Associate & CEO, said, “Consumers are constantly seeking to upgrade their lifestyles and move up to the next level in life.

Shopping provides a mean of personal transformation through products & brands. Our new positioning of house of brands for fashionable families will help us to connect with the customers even more strongly.”

Mr. Shah Rukh Khan said “I am pleased to be here for the glorious moment for Shoppers Stop and wish them good luck in their endeavour.”

The “bridge to luxury” position of the brand is supported by the fact that Shoppers Stop presents the widest range of international premium brands like French Connection, Tommy Hilfiger, Esprit, CK Jeans, Gas, Lancome, MAC, Chanel to name a few.

It has also taken fashion to the next level through some of its exclusive brands like Insense, Haute Curry as well as Push and Shove which bring the absolute latest in trends and fashion to the Indian consumer.

After 17 years of success and setting benchmarks in the field of retail, Shoppers Stop starts a new chapter in its history with newer innovations and trendsetting ideas. The brand is poised to take Indian retail to the next level once again.