Special pavilion on Hotel Textiles for HOSFAIR Guangzhou

May 07, 2008 - China

The 6th International Hospitality Equipment, Supplies, Food & Beverage Fair (HOSFAIR Guangzhou 2008), which is widely regarded as the representative of Chinese hi-quality hospitality fairs, will be held from 26-28 June 2008 at the China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex.

According to the latest information, HOSFAIR Guangzhou 2008 is made up by eight exhibition pavilions - Kitchen Catering Equipment Supplies, Interior and Lobby Supplies; Hotel Furniture; Hotel Textiles; Cleaning Equipment; Coffee Equipment and Hotel supplies; Hotel Intelligence.

The total amount of the booths will be reach to 2,000 sets, 50 per sent than which in the last year. Over 40,000 professional people are expected to visit the fair.

As a key section of HOSFAIR Guangzhou 2008, hotel furniture exhibition pavilion attracted the attention of the well-known hotel furniture enterprises at home and abroad. Hotel Furniture scramble to participate HOSFAIR Guangzhou

Reporter learns from the organizer, up to date, HONGKONG Maxsun Furniture, Haima Furniture, Chaohui Furniture Yuanda Funiture etc have already registered to take part in HOSFAIR Guangzhou 2008.

The latest news shows, Maxsun Furniture, known as the first Chinese soft furniture brand, will be scored 270 square meters exhibition area in HOSFAIR, and she will show their best and latest products during the period of HOSFAIR.

The domestic high-quality hotel furniture navigator Chaohui Furniture, who is good at making hi-quality metal and solid wood banquet furniture, attend to HOSFAIR Guangzhou 2008 for 6 consecutive years.

Nanhai Hongsheng, the 10 top brand of National Table manufacturer is definitely to attend the fair. If you lost the chance to see “Priceless Table” in the last edition, please don’t miss it this time.

This reporter learned that, in addition to hotel furniture enterprises interested in the exhibition, hotel textile characteristics pavilion also attracted related businesses participating. Kong Martha Textile Company is a good representative among them. It will show their best Goose cashmere.

According to show organizer Guangzhou Huazhan Exhibition Company: Compared with other hotel equipment and supplies fairs, HOSFAIR Guangzhou owns largest hotel furniture exhibition area.
Last year, the hotel furniture area took up 32 percent of the total exhibition area. According to the survey from 500 buyers, the hotel furniture and kitchen equipment were regarded as the be impressive exhibiting products at HOSFAIR.

Olympic Year with great opportunities In fact, with the strong development of the hotel industry after entering into 2008 “Olympic Games Year”, the hotel supplies unprecedented prosperity, which will take great opportunities for the development of exhibition guest room.

Newly building and reconstruction hotel will bring directly business opportunities. The exhibition and suppliers will certainly enter a virtuous circle of a win-win situation.

Mr Zhihua Wang, general manager of Guangzhou Planning Exhibition Co, Ltd and senior exhibition planner said: As persist in innovation over the years on the show and attaches great importance to the all-round show publicity and professional Buyer's invitation, so the show is much better year after year.

And the event gets a lot of supports and endorsements from the exhibitors and visitors. HOSFAIR Xian, Guangzhou International Exhibition hotel supplies, will reach more than 50 per cent growth rate, China's fastest developing the same type of show.

The current mainly focus on energy-saving, environmental protection, and the new hotel supplies, and advocate greater use of energy saving and environmental protection hotel hotel supplies.

We strive to hold China in the next five years as well as Asia's most valuable and most influential brand hotel supplies exhibition, to the number of international buyers to meet buyers more than 20% of the total, and constantly improve the level of internationalization.

Lu Hongbing, chairman of Hotel General Manager Association of Guangdong Province, stressed that the fair in the June is the largest international exhibition of hotel supplies exhibition before the Olympic Games and it will help exhibitors grasp Olympics opportunities.

After the Olympic Games, in November 2010 Asian Games will be held in Guangzhou, and hotel supplies HOSFAIR Guangzhou International Exhibition is held in June, will fully enjoy all kinds of favorable conditions, and the advantage is conducive not only to the Asian Games exhibitors grasp business opportunities, but also show important opportunities to enhance the exhibition scale and effect, is of great significance.