Klopman launches casual apparel collection for Spring/Summer

May 16, 2008 - United Kingdom

Casual Apparel collection Spring/Summer, 2009.

Liking the rough and ready. Being passionate about the mysteries of lost treasures, undiscovered. Dreaming of the freedom of wild, arid lands.

Imagining oneself as a buccaneer travelling the Seven Seas, the Steppes or even outer space. Appreciating the beauty of ancient artefacts and rare materials.

Being proud of juxtaposing the rough and the sophisticated in an unusual way. Standing out from the ’sportswear’ generation aesthetically, in a daring ’authentic’ nomadic way. Making decisions in a solitary way.

Blending the practical and useful aspects of a traveller, with one’s treasures from the four corners of the earth. Switching between a practical functionalism, and a futuristic ‘Mad Max ’. Adoring ethnic colours, as well as faded naturals.

Adopting an enigmatic aura by exploiting an urban look to create a non-image. Being confident and self-assured in any environment, not seeking attention, yet achieving international status.

Being convinced that one's own self is of ultimate importance. Assuming the values of oneness and sensuality, whilst accepting that they are not only feminine traits.

Blending the pleasant and practical, the useful and the playful, to come up with new genetically unmodified objects. Pretending to be someone's little brother and dreaming of authentic tree houses, crisp cotton and denim dungarees.

Playing with nature's colours, and dense, raw or used fabrics in a rebellious manner to create a distinguished and relaxed 'no-nonsense style'.

Finding oneself again at the resorts of Cannes, Miami or Ibiza, immersed in the ‘festivals of vanity’, metamorphosed into business activity. Feeling nauseated by the vulgarity but still seeking the attention one came for.

Succeeding in achieving maximum attention, with minimum effort. Knowing the art of finesse and subtlety, whilst avoiding any kind of cheap temptation - like a monk fish in the environment of a tropical reef.

Fabrics reveal their fine quality, know-how and uncompromising behaviour. Alternating between natural sophistication and technical precision. Non-colour plays on false modesty and should be adorned with minimal acid hints..

Feeling 100% urban and accepting the performance values of rapidity and objectivity. Feeling at ease with the Le Corbusier and Renzo Piano modernistic concepts. Looking towards the future with curiosity.

Being a forerunner and appreciating that it’s not fashion but the aesthetic geometry which is desirable. Choosing plain fabrics which stand out for their technical performance.

New filaments, micro-coatings, encapsulations or resistant stretch, vary performance and usefulness. Metallic neutrals and sunny, summer limestone shades for urbanites.

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