MoC-MeA to sponsor SITRA’s 56 International Training Programme

May 17, 2008 - India

SITRA, a link in the chain of textile laboratories in the country, has emerged as an important centre for International training to candidates from third world countries.

Fifty five batches of the programme have been conducted since its initiation in 1974 and more than 1400 participants from 70 developing countries have so far benefitted out of SITRA's expertise in textile technology.

- Disseminating and strengthening awareness relating to India’s expertise in improving
productivity, quality, cost and waste control in developing countries.
- Creating and strengthening awareness about the superior quality of modern Indian textile machinery and its cost effectiveness.
- Develop managerial capabilities among the trainees in order to manage and sustain effective management of personnel in organisations.
- Improved International understanding and goodwill between India and other developing nations.

Two courses are offered during the programme - each of two months duration. The programme is scheduled to be held during October 3, 2008 - December 2, 2008.

Travel plans and accommodation:
- SITRA is situated very close (just a minute's travel) to the city’s Airport which is connected to major Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru and Thiruvananthapuram.
- SITRA does not have hostel facilities. However, hotel accommodation shall be provided in hotels in the city.

The programme will be conducted at The South India Textile Research Association, Coimbatore.

Facilities available at SITRA:
One of the important Textile Research Associations in India, SITRA houses large pilot mills (Spinning, Weaving & Knitting), Physical and Chemical Testing laboratories, equipped with the latest state-of-threat instruments and Computer Aided Design Centre apart from a well-furnished training halls with the necessary multimedia utilities.
Managing is the core activity/philosophy of success of any organisation. With liberalisation and globalisation, the scenario of managing the technological process is all the more complex which necessitates that the technologist possess not just the theoretical skills but also understands its application in an effective manner.

The aim of the programme is to highlight the critical areas of functioning in a business entity that would ensure effective management of the textile mills.

The programme aims to provide technical personnel working in textile mills not only a basic understanding of the theoretical concepts in textiles and their application but also an appreciation of the role of Materials, Men and Money management and their control in Textile Mills.

Effectively, it is hoped that the participants would appreciate and utilise the theoretical concepts effectively towards attaining their organisation's objectives.

Textile Testing and Quality Control:
Quality is becoming an increasingly important issue in deciding the commercial success of a textile industry and its products.

The company's approach to quality is decided by various factors like customer requirement, state-of-theart instruments it has and above all qualified manpower.

With demands of customer for products attaining quality levels becoming more and more stringent, it has become all the more imperative for mills to attain the levels of bench marked quality which keeps evolving depending upon the needs of customer as well as industry demands.

It is in this context that textile mills are looking for qualified technicians to man their quality control department.

With modern quality management concepts in vogue, mills expect their QC personnel to be abreast of the quality concepts so as to satisfy the requirements of their customers.

The programme intends to highlight theoretical concepts of quality and the instruments involved, and evolve strategies for its implementation in a phased manner.

Interested candidates are requested to contact the Indian Embassy or Mission in their respective country from where they can obtain the applications.

Filled-in applications, duly forwarded by their employers, should be submitted at the Indian Embassy/Mission, which in turn will forward the same to the respective sponsoring agency in India with a copy of it to SITRA.

The InternationalTraining Programme at SITRAis sponsored by
a) The Ministry of ExternalAffairs under their sponsoring schemes namely, ITEC /SCAAP/AARDO and
b) The Ministry of Finance under its sponsoring scheme, Colombo Plan.