Myvu unveils new lines of video eyewear

May 21, 2008 - United States Of America

Myvu Corporation commercially released its new lines of video eyewear: Myvu Crystal, the new premium product, and Myvu Shades.

Built with SolidOptex, the Myvu patented optical system, Crystal and Shades transform portable media players into hands-free, full-screen private viewing experiences, offering the thinnest, lightest and most durable video eyewear available.

"The introduction of Myvu into the market in 2006 created a brand new consumer electronics category for the masses video eyewear," said Kip Kokinakis, president and CEO of Myvu Corporation.

"Crystal and Shades represent a leap forward in form and technology, providing the highest resolution quality with a sleek design that transcends age and gender barriers."

Myvu Crystal, the company's premium product, is a combination of breakthrough technology and a slim, ergonomic design. Increasing resolution from Quarter VGA to VGA quality, Myvu Crystal offers the highest resolution in the Myvu line up to four times that of other Myvu products.

Built for durability and style, Myvu Crystal features a 35 percent increase in the field-of-view over previous Myvu models, providing the truest DVD quality experience possible. Myvu Crystal comes in amber or black and includes a rechargeable battery with up to four hours of continuous viewing time.

Myvu Shades features an enhanced glance-down design that allows viewers to maintain the most situational awareness possible without sacrificing image or screen quality.

This unique design provides a broad and unobstructed field-of- view that enables new applications and uses that were not possible before. Myvu Shades also includes a rechargeable battery with up to 10 hours of viewing time.

Performance and Technology:
Crystal and Shades feature the patented SolidOptex optical system, resulting in the industry's thinnest, lightest, most comfortable and ergonomically designed video eyewear.

SolidOptex has its roots in military applications where it was tested for durability. It also satisfies stringent eye safety requirements with FDA certification in the medical industry.

Crystal and Shades include earbuds from Ultimate Ears featuring enhanced comfort, extended bass with accurate sound reproduction and sound isolation to block outside noise.

Both editions also integrate Kopin's CyberDisplay technology, offering the highest pixel density and the sharpest resolution for any video eyewear of its size.

"The market for mobile content is exploding, yet the small screen dilemma remains," continued Kokinakis. "Myvu Crystal and Shades solve this problem by offering a lightweight portable media viewer that lets consumers watch their favorite videos anywhere on Myvu's vivid virtual and full-sized screen."

Compatibility and Availability:
Crystal and Shades are compatible with portable media players, including all iPod with video models, Sansa-View, Microsoft Zune, mobile phones (Nokia N95 and select Samsung models), portable DVD players and various game consoles. Myvu is currently available online at, the Apple Store Online (,,, and more than 20 retail partners.