Isenhower Conscious Collection promotes Mindful Living

June 06, 2008 - United States Of America

"Believe It! Live It! Wear It!" says designer and California desert resident Trey Isenhower, Creator and President of The Conscious Collection, his recently launched line of products and apparel that "promote and celebrate conscious, mindful living."

For Isenhower, "conscious" means being acutely aware of and sensitive to what one is doing, that is, to be deliberate and intentional.

Uplifting Values, Attractive and Healthy Products:
"My goal is to offer apparel and other products with spiritually meaningful content," Isenhower explained. Ideal for a lifestyle of tasteful simplicity and comfort, the growing Conscious Collection line currently offers tee shirts, tank tops, baseball caps, and beach and body towels apparel for men and women; accessories for a conscious lifestyle; and kid-sized versions of the apparel line.

All products may be purchased easily online, directly from the company's website, which also includes valuable information and links to guide those who wish to live a conscious and meaningful lifestyle.

The Conscious Collection is attracting a loyal audience of people who embrace a healthy lifestyle and appreciate the values represented by the new Collection.

Isenhower sees prospects for his business' growth in what he refers to as the "Conscious Community," which includes practitioners of yoga, Pilates, meditation and other life-enhancing activities.

Fair Working Conditions, Conscious Giving:
Allof the merchandise in The Conscious Collection is American-made, ensuring that the manufacturing process is "sweatshop-free," healthy and fair for the employees who produce the line.

Moreover, a dollar from every sale of the product and apparel line is donated to selected cancer research and support organizations. "The key to a creative, contented life is to be sensitive to yourself, to others, and to your environment.

Charitable giving is an essential value of conscious living," explained Isenhower, who has lost close loved ones to cancer. "At the Conscious Collection, we believe in lifting up and giving back," he added.

Entrepreneurial and successful, Trey Isenhower, the owner and creator of The Conscious Collection, is a captain for a major U.S. airline as well as a realtor.

He is the Director of Junior Church Programs at the RSCD Spiritual Center in Palm Desert. Isenhower resides in the California desert with his partner, the pastor of RSCD, and their ten-year-old daughter.

The words "body, mind and spirit" encapsulate Isenhower's creative goals, and inspired the logo that appears on some of The Conscious Collection tee shirts.

"The shirts often invite conversation and, ultimately, reflection, as people try to understand their meaning and the attractive clothing's place in their own personal experience," he concluded.