Next event of Texworld to display rich features

July 10, 2009 - France

Texworld's next session (from Monday 14th to Thursday 17th September 2009) at the Exhibition Centre (Parc des expositions) in Paris Le Bourget, will be especially rich in new features, in particular by emphasising the i-TEX search engine, which has been given a completely new look and revamped to make it easier for buyers’ work at the exhibition: increased speed, range of information and ease of access to find exhibitors’ stands faster, and just with a couple of clicks. Not only is Texworld continuing with its “Eco” circuit, launched at the February show, and endorsing it by suggesting it to new visitors, but it provides every user of i-TEX an opportunity to create and print their own individual circuit.

Furthermore, the show, which will bring together some 650 exhibitors spread over two halls, gives priority to quality by welcoming some new and very interesting exhibitors, in particular from Japan and China.

In sum, while still maintaining the best value for money on the market in terms of quality, price and creativity, Texworld’s offer covers the entire textiles and clothing sector with substantial additions to an attractive range. These are in response to the dictates of the 2010/2011 autumn/winter season: elegance, but firmly anchored in reality, based on fashion essentials and combining quality and modernity.

i-TEX: so visitors can find the exhibitors they are looking for as quickly as possible.
The i-TEX search engine is one of Texworld’s spearheads since it allows the buyer to obtain information very quickly about the products offered by exhibitors, thanks to immediate visualisation of samples and all the features of interest: origin, composition, quality, price scale, delivery times...

However, in order to make using it as flexible as possible, it is practically a second generation of this search engine that will be installed at Texworld in September. The main concern of the Show’s management was to allow visitors to save time: to find fabrics or the exhibitors who produce them as fast as possible by collecting a maximum of information, certifications in particular. Moreover, visitors will be able to print a personalised floor plan of the exhibition which will take their particular search into account and indicate where the stands that interest them are situated.

Plasma screens will provide non-stop demonstrations and a little i-TEX figure, which will be the mascot for the whole set-up, will assist each user in honing their search on i-TEX.

Encouraged by the success of the Eco circuit that was introduced last February, Texworld is continuing on this innovative path by offering this service to visitors once again.

High-calibre exhibitors from the most diverse branches
More than 650 exhibitors from all over the world will be spread over both halls (2 and 3) at the Paris Le Bourget exhibition centre, showing a very comprehensive range, both of fabrics and of textile accessories and clothing. The choice of exhibitors leaves plenty of room for companies offering higher quality and greater creativity.

The Chinese are going to be arriving in force with certain special developments: China Premium in hall 2 will assemble the highest-end companies, a group of textile manufacturers from Wujiang city, (incorporated in the Shanghai region and situated in the province of Jiangsu), where textiles and clothing represent one of the mainstays of development and tradition, and of course, for the fourth year in succession, the presence of CTAF, with exhibitors both from textiles and from the clothing industry.

The HKTDC - Hong Kong Trade Department Council - is returning in force with an increase in size and will combine 14 exhibitors as well as the group from Mauritius, which should gather a dozen or so specialist exhibitors for denim, knitwear and clothing production.

Elsewhere we should note the attendance of the Indian Ram Kumar Textile PVT, one of the major specialists for dyeing, the Japan Silk & Rayon Weavers’ Association, the Turkish group Dogan Telstil Ltd, an important knitwear specialist (viscose jersey, interlock, beautiful cotton), Lian Industries from Hong Kong, leader in the field of accessories based on crystal and, from Taiwan, Achievetex, a major specialist in the manufacture of functional textiles.

If eco products are continuing to develop as much as before, technical textiles have the wind in their sails for a 2010/2011 autumn/winter season based on fashion essentials: quality is crucial. However it also needs to take both the functional and contemporary aspect into consideration with elegant colours linked with a winter season but brightened up by unexpected harmonious or multi-coloured effects.

Wool is in the spotlight more than ever, but so are silk and genuine cotton. If embroidery and lace are taking a more sober approach, prints demonstrate greater licence with a nod to the seventies and a tendency towards “animal” prints.

So the exhibitors at Texworld have greater motivation than ever to appeal to the European market.

The next Texworld show which will present the trends for autumn/winter 2010/2011 will be held at the Paris le Bourget exhibition centre from Monday, the 14th to Thursday, the 17th September 2009.