JJ Valaya collection creates glamour & oodles of optimism

September 14, 2009 - India

For this season, The JJ Valaya delivers a no-nonsense decree abolishing all things negative and violent; almost as an antidote to the gloom and doom of 2009.

Firmly entrenched in his throne, he dons the mantle of the kingdom’s maverick maharaja and claims that "He was thinking about how fickle mortals today are…how easily they collapse under pressure…and how decreased in the capacity to fight back for what is rightfully theirs". The kingdom thus passes a royal decree abolishing negativity of all and any kind and propagates unconditional acceptance of love, peace and happiness. In a severe contradiction to the mood around the globe, the collection serves a big, juicy nostalgic kiss to a world that deserves to be loved. The cumulative effect: unabashed glamour, elegance, volume and oodles of optimism!

Deftly combining the signature Valaya tailored jackets, chic jodhpurs crafted out of the finest of fabrics, prints and ornamentation, the collection of menswear stands inspired by the ‘Kingdom of Love’ and celebrates Optimism, color and energy that seems mired in the disturbed world of today. If one had to brainstorm the quintessential formula for Valaya- “the nomadic rock star royal”, then, on the pragmatic side, this collection will separate out into dozens of delicious separates and on the other, there are a whole series of exceptional masterpieces from the House of Valaya.