Pero, Abode & Stae make a fashion impact

September 21, 2009 - India

Aneeth Arora, Anand Bhushan and Sudhir and Tapash showed trendsetting garments for spring/summer 2010 at Lakme Fashion Week.

“Pero” by Aneeth Arora which means “to wear”, in Marwari was a collection, which showed a red and white line of hand loom fabrics that used traditional treatment like ikats and natural dyed khadi from Andhra Pradesh, bandhani for Kutchi checks and stripes from Chanderi and Maheshwar. The telia rumals from Andhra Pradesh and the gamochas from Assam were the highlight of the collection. Layering for pinafores, dresses, blouses, shirts and fluid pants, capris and skirts was a perfect summer line in cotton for men and women. The dual colour story, the tiny floral embroidery and the discreet prints created a perfect earthy casual wear story.

With a title like “Abode” Anand Bhushan’s collection was a poetic offering of pretty dresses with the leaf and flower as its theme for appliqués, embroidery and ruffled layers. In shades of green, lilac, salmon pink, white and red; the foliage inspired embellishments recreated delicate leaves, bunches of flowers striking creased bark effects which brought to life the embroidery that gave a superb touch to each creation. Beautifully finished the white net appliqué coat over pin tucked dress, the petal layered ruffled bodice dress, the veined corded gilet and the 3D blouse were some of the highlights of the show. The final line of glittering tissue and georgette vertical panelled flowing long skirts were a fitting end to a cocktail line for the fashion conscious.

Dresses, two jumpsuits, a solitary sari and geometric colour blocking in bright colours were the summer line highlights from Stae by Sudhir and Tapash. Their shade card direction moved from turquoise and hues of blue to bright orange and red and then to yellow and back to deep blue again. Silk textures were highlighted with silver, while velvet moved in to create a mix of the two fabrics which had shimmer and shine; when the latter was used initially as sleeve flaps and as patches and then almost took over the whole dress. The bright red jersey dress with looped panels down the front was the solitary solid colour garment. Creative yet practical, the collection had the vibrancy of summer with a touch of formal wear.