Perfume retailer Douglas chalks positive sales growth

October 08, 2009 - Germany

Based on its preliminary figures, the DOUGLAS Group recorded a 2.2 percent increase in net sales for a total of 3.2 billion Euro during its 2008/09 fiscal year (10/1/2008 - 09/30/2009).The sales expectation for the 2008/09 fiscal year foresaw growth of about 2 percent. "Therefore, our sales target was just within reach", said Dr. Henning Kreke, President and CEO of DOUGLAS HOLDING. "Keeping in mind the current economic conditions, we are not dissatisfied with this achievement."

Like-for-like sales - which only include those stores operating during both current and previous fiscal years - just barely missed the previous year's sales by 1.0 percent. The performance in Germany proved to be better than abroad. "Accordingly, we succeeded in maintaining our key home market compared to our competitors and gained additional market share", further commented Dr. Henning Kreke.

The 1,220 Douglas Perfumeries reported sales of almost 1.9 billion Euro up 1.6 percent; thus, further expanding its leadership of the European market. In Germany, the 452 Douglas Perfumeries posted turnover of 920 million Euro for an increase of 1.2 percent. Sales of the 768 Douglas Perfumeries abroad were up 2.0 percent to over 932 million Euro. The foreign markets continued to be adversely affected by the worsened economic conditions.

Sales of the 294 Thalia bookstores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland climbed by 6.6 percent to over 819 million Euro during the 2008/09 fiscal year; thus, further extending its solid market position in the German-speaking countries. In Germany, sales of the 238 bookstores rose by 6.6 percent to almost 629 million Euro. The total of 56 Thalia bookstores in Austria and Switzerland recorded a 6.4 percent rise in sales to approximately 191 million Euro.

The 203 Christ jewelry stores reported a sales gain of 2.3 percent to about 293 million Euro during the 2008/09 fiscal year; thus, developing significantly better than the industry on the whole.

Sales of the 14 AppelrathCüpper fashion stores came in at 131 million Euro, 11.5 percent behind the previous year. Adjusted for the store closed in Berlin in January 2009, the sales decline came in at 7.3 percent. In line with the restructuring program, AppelrathCüpper will focus even more in the future on mid to upper genre for women's fashion clothing with attractive prices.

The 274 Hussel confectionery stores generated turnover of 101 million Euro in line with the previous year's level.