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Terri Wood to run her custom creations at BFW finale event

24 Mar '12
4 min read

Designer Terri Wood will feature her Lyndale Monroe line of Custom Couture Robes inspired by her grandfather's 1930's custom-made Smoking Jacket Robe.

Ms. Wood's “one of a kind” creations reflect the glamour and sophistication for the “artistocrats” of the world. Designed for unisex, his & hers, and some just for the ladies, these regal relics are as chic now as they were in the 20's, the Art Deco era, and at the Playboy Mansion.

By definition, a smoking jacket is an over-garment designed to be worn while smoking tobacco, usually in the form of cigars and pipes, or domestic leisure. They come in the form of short jackets to full-length robes. As early as the 1850s, the Gentlemen's Magazine of London defined the smoking jacket as a robe of velvet, cashmere, satin or silk, lined with bright colors, ornamented with pockets, broad collars, cuffs and belt.

After dinner, a gentleman might put on a smoking jacket and retreat to a den or smoking room. The jacket was intended to absorb the smoke from his cigar or pipe and protect his clothing from falling ash. The smoking jacket remained a popular accessory into the 20th century.

An editorial in the Washington Post in 1902 gave the opinion that the smoking jacket was "synonymous with comfort", while a Pennsylvania newspaper stated in 1908 that it would be "putting it mildly to say that a new House Coat or Smoking Jacket will give any man reason for elation."

In the 20's to 50's, Hollywood popularized the smoking jacket in films. In fact, Fred Astaire was buried in a smoking jacket. And today, Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner continues the signature style wearing smoking jackets as everyday couture. Recently, in an issue of Cigar Aficionado it stated that it's time for the smoking jacket to be brought back, perhaps as an "alternative type of formal wear.”

Ms. Wood states, “Wanting to keep the memory of my grandfather alive, I created the first robe in 2009, I would take the bus to NYC and purchase gorgeous fabrics and soon had an amazing inventory of beautiful robes proudly made in the USA. It was essential to duplicate the specifications of the original robe to include a lining, padded shoulders collar and cuffs, and use contrasting fabrics to highlight the collar, cuffs, belt and pockets.”

“My plan is to market the robes to individual collectors and businesses that cherish the value of unique custom couture. Now, I am ready to unveil my Lyndale Monroe Luxury Robe collection at Baltimore Fashion Week (BFW), the finale evening and coincidentally the birthday of my dear late mother.“

“It is always a refreshing feeling to come across or be introduced to an individual that is not only a great creator of fashion, but just a genuine thoughtful and kind person. It will be the absolute honor of Baltimore Fashion Week and myself to have Ms. Wood debut her collection during Baltimore Fashion Week.”

“Not knowing in advancethe significance of her showcasing date at the time when it was scheduled and now knowing makes this collection deserving of being on our finale evening of Baltimore Fashion Week – Sunday, August 19, 2012. I could go on and on about Ms. Wood's collection, but I will save some of elemental surprise for her showcasing date. It is really strange to me but a never-ending coincidence how in life things happen for a reason. This is one of those reasons.”

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