Tourism Minister endorses Haiti Art & Fashion Project

21 May '10
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The Government of Haiti has endorsed the Haiti Art & Fashion Project organised by Pulse through its Pulse Foundation. The project document was presented to Haiti's Tourism Minister Patrick Delatour at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel.

On receipt of the document, Delatour emphasised the importance of art, fashion and creative enterprise in the life and economy of Haiti. He said that Haiti fully endorsed the project and expressed his appreciation to Pulse on behalf of the Government and people of Haiti.

Delatour, a heritage architect by profession, is the son of the curator of one of Haiti's foremost art galleries. He is therefore very familiar with Haiti's creative and cultural traditions and is particularly passionate about that aspect of Haiti's reconstruction. He is the government member who has been charged with the responsibility for reconstruction in Haiti.

Speaking at event, the minister outlined the challenges presently facing the Haitian people and clarified a number of issues which arose as a result of the earthquake and subsequent emergency responses from around the world.

Persons present at event included chairman of the Pulse Foundation, Lois Sherwood, who is of Haitian/Jamaican origin, Kingsley Cooper, Pulse Chairman and Romae Gordon, general manager. Cooper presented the project to the Minister.

Spearheaded by the Pulse Foundation with the support of Caribbean Fashion Week, as well as The Caribbean Fashion Industry Association and participating art, music and fashion industry entities in the region, The Haiti Art & Fashion Project will support the rehabilitation and further development of Haiti's creative arts, fashion and business over a five-year period.

Pulse intends to work in tandem with Caricom, as well as the international body charged with the responsibility of planning the reconstruction of Haiti as the Project reaches across borders, engaging major international creative industry players and organisations, so as to obtain their active participation and support. The Haiti Art & Fashion Project will focus on medium to longer term reconstruction and development in Haiti, especially the creative arts and business sector.

The project is meant to be a unified international initiative, spearheaded and managed by Caribbean people, for the benefit of the Caribbean nation, with wide local, regional and international support. A formal application for Caricom endorsement is being submitted, and initial verbal responses have been positive.

A hundred per cent of all contributions, including the proceeds of one night of CFW (minus direct expenses, estimated at no more than 25 per cent), will go to the project. Fund management will be transparent, with an input from all supporting organisations.

Caribbean Fashion Week

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