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Winter 2011-2012 leather trends at LE CUIR A PARIS

01 Jun '10
3 min read

Winter oscillates between extremes. It refuses to decide, turns its contradictions into strengths and launches a charm offensive. To better enrich itself, each trend contradicts the other. Subtleness and interiorisation rub shoulders with extreme femininity and rigorous androgyny. Unbridled creativity overlays mathematical formulae. Ancestral expertise breathes new life into artistic improvisation.

Next edition of LE CUIR A PARIS: 14- 16 September 2010
Hall 4, Paris Nord Villepinte.

The call of nature is enhanced with an urban touch. From one tale to another, we find subtle shadings of colours and monochrome tints, measured neutrals and tantalizing reds. Materials are rich with exaggerated decors, or are modest and downy, contrasted by oversized volumes; or materials are flawless and thus demand graphic rigour and timeless perfection.

A glittering winter is in perspective, where the wealth of diversity creates longing and where colours and materials arouse emotion and unleash desire.

In an era of accumulation, we want to work by subtraction, do better with less: less colour, more nuances, less words and more sensations. We advocate rural honesty but are deeply attached to urban life. We keep an eye out for the wolf in the forest but it's a daydream in a virtual wood. We drive through the night to a nameless place, towards a land of gorse and broom, of Celtic legend and misty skies.

Live in a community, share experiences and means. Take the opposite course to the preceding narcissistic and selfish decades. Know the other to find out more and enrich yourself. Combine folklores and traditions; invent a new heritage without renouncing one's own identity.

In complete contrast with the hardness of the time, tenderness and innocence are no longer synonymous with stupidity and naivety. We can be light, delicate, frivolous even; adore opposites, switch from refined to rustic, from urban temptress to country chick, from formal elegance to nonchalant sloppiness.

Anti-clone, we oust idols and install our own creative zone. We put an end to the frenzy for celebrities, too conventional, too predictable and generator of empty phrases. We radicalise our thinking to take our creativity to its limits. A single rule: Express Yourself. Choose irreverence, go wild, take risks and believe in it.

Spiral, circle, arabesque, criss-crossing, cocoon, scroll, twist, ellipse...Recently designers and architects have appeared to have only the curved line in their repertoire. Enough is enough! It's time to bring back rigour, evoke the style of Le Corbusier. Reinvent the Bauhaus, steal from Mondrian. Let's square the circle to put it in the frame, place it in the background, pare it down to its purest form. Let's rediscover integrity, mathematical calculations. Let's create a certain tension to get closer to perfection.

Red is everywhere. Warm, worrying, diabolic, it shifts from violence to mystery, soaking up some of the sun's rays en route. It is changing, glossy, dishevelled or velvety. It is red with anger, and pink with pleasure, orange like a flame and incandescent like sulphur. It is the cockerel's crest, crimson curtain or blackcurrant black.

Materials have been carefully finished: lacquered, velvety, powdery or undisciplined: badly painted, irregular, slubbed. They showcase the palette of REDS. These are warm, copper, rust, brick; or sombre and blackened, blackcurrant, iris and blueberry; or soft, pink cheeks, faded dahlia; or shiny and melodramatic, glossy lipstick, theatre curtain and Chinese lacquer.


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