“BIRLACRIL” is the mother brand of a range of Acrylic Fibres produced by Thai Acrylic Fiber Co. Ltd. (TAF). TAF is the 5th largest producer and the 2nd largest exporter of Acrylic fiber in the world. was incorporated on 10th April, 1987 and domiciled in Thailand. TAF has its manufacturing unit is located in Saraburi, Thailand with corporate office in Bangkok and sales offices located in India, China, Dubai and Indonesia. TAF is a closely held, non-listed company. TAF serves to markets in over 40 countries across all continents.

Our team at TAF has received various world class awards along their journey towards excellence, including Japan Quality Award, Deming Prize, Asia Pacific Quality Award, Thailand Quality Award and Ramakrishna Bajaj National Quality Award. We produce an wide range of Acrylic Fibre, Tow & Tops with Parent Brand “BIRLACRIL” and individual Sub brands for Speciality Fibres. Amidst this highly highly competitive environment, we are the only acrylic fibre producer in the world that registered growth. With our present capacity of 120,000 MT/Year, we have 6.6% of the world market share.

Mission Statement

Sustainability at the centre of the business.

Message from the top management

" Sustainability at the Centre of our Business "
- Mr. Thomas Varghese - Business Head (Birlacril)

The acrylic fibre industry has been going through a difficult phase over the last few years marked by declining global demand and intensifying competition within existing players.

Our team at TAF has managed consistent growth throughout this phase only by focussing on innovation and technological breakthroughs aligned with sustainable business practices and processes. The efforts put in by all my colleagues at TAF have been recognized via various awards not only within the Aditya Birla Group but also by various international forums such as Deming and Japan Quality Award. Performance on all sustainability parameters have shown consistent improvements and we strive to be a benchmark in world class manufacturing practices. In continuation to mark our efforts towards environment and society at large, we have decided to initiate sustainability reporting from this year. We view this report as a part of our continued commitment to our stakeholders to disclose our performance on key sustainability pillars. Our sustainability roadmap over the next three years will focus on the expectations of our key stakeholders and have defined strategies to be more economically, socially and environmentally beneficial.

Green initiatives

We endeavor to become a leading industry benchmark for sustainability processes and performance by 2020 through engagement of all stakeholders. This builds on our persistent efforts to build an ethical, responsible and sustainable business.

At the Aditya Birla Group, sustainability in business is the holistic pursuit of a three step agenda:

A. Managing business operations responsibly- This includes, but is not limited to the creation of a safe working environment at all sites and workplaces, conserving energy and water, managing waste and emissions and the protection of human rights.

B. The understanding of material issues of all stakeholders from their perspective and usage of this knowledge to actively seek ways to create and share value with each of the stakeholder groups.

C. Put in place steps that future proof our business- We developed our sustainability roadmap in FY13 which identified focus areas and risks and related mitigation plans. The enablers have been a strong sustainability governance structure at the business level, TAF’s sustainability committee and champions who have helped to strengthen the initiative and our existing management systems that has helped us to leverage and work towards integrating sustainability into our business operations.

We understand that acrylic fibre despite its benefits can create environmental concerns especially at the end of its product cycle. We are looking for ways to collaborate with all stakeholders to overcome these challenges, achieve a sustainable performance and implement sustainability practices across the business. We believe that putting sustainability at the center of our business will help us maintain a competitive edge and find solutions that make a difference and help create a cleaner world.

Eco-friendly products

Fibre with GREEN Technology

While we care to pay for GREEN fees to offset emissions from our flight travel to embrace sustainability, why not practice the same in our daily use products such as CLOTHES! Introducing the perfect ingredient for manufacturers to create sustainability via clothing - Radianza™. Radianza™ is a premium product available from Thai Acrylic Fibre Co., Ltd. that is gel dyed (Colored during fibre formation stage)

Dyeing is always seen to be a problem in clothing & winter-wears.

  • Dyeing in batch process by traditional methods requires substantial amount of Water, Energy & Effluent Treatment Infrastructure
  • Requirement of steam to increase the product temp. around 100 C to achieve uniform dyeing for long hours
  • Use of De-mineralized water (Fifteen times of dyed quantity) for dyeing as well as subsequent washing
  • Continuous power usage for dye circulation
  • Low productivity rate as longer time required for completing of dyeing cycle to achieve uniform depth of shades

RADIANZA Gel Dyeing Technology, is the most environment friendly process amongst all acrylic dyeing methods. Water/Energy requirement is only 20% as compared to conventional dyeing and due to negligible dye stuff loses, No effluent issues.

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Thai Acrylic Fibre Co Ltd.

Address: 54 Moo 5, Sudbantad Road, Tandiew
Saraburi, Thailand 18110

Phone: + 66-036-240100, Ext. 487


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