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The Crystal Group is based in Hong Kong, and was established in 1970. It employed around 60,000 individuals in 2015, and has factories in China, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Cambodia. With a sales revenue of $1.7 billion in 2015, it exported over 300 million pieces of garments including t-shirts, denim jeans, sweaters and intimate wear. The Crystal Group is an original equipment and design garment manufacturer. Its major customers include Marks and Spencer, Levi’s, Uniqlo, GAP, Target, H&M, Abercrombie & Fitch, and JCPenney.

Mission Statement

Right quality, right time and right cost that are socially accountable and safe with positive impacts on the environment.

Message from the top management

"The vision of Crystal Group is to be an enterprise that focuses on stakeholders' interests, social responsibility and environmental stewardship. We work for more than our customers or shareholders, but more importantly, our employees and our community."
- Andrew Lo, CEO (Crystal Group)

Global challenges ahead underscore the importance of open communication and employee care programmes for creating a respectable working environment for people. Crystal makes sure that operations comply with high compliance standards at all times, including occupational health and safety, and the outright discarding of child labour. Pursuing sustainable development through environmental stewardship, social responsibility, employee care, innovation and product integrity is the top strategy in differentiating Crystal Group from competitors. Sustainability promotes cohesiveness within the organization for high performance with positive impact across the group. In addition, it helps to build brand image and customers' trust. The group believes that only by producing garments in a sustainable manner we are being socially responsible for our planet.

Green Initiatives

• Sustainability reporting
• CDP climate change voluntary disclosure
• Certified ISO 14064 auditors
• Water reuse/recycle programme
• Higg Index - sustainability benchmarking tool
• Crystal global environmental targets
• Avoid -> Reduce -> Recycle ->Dispose
• Low carbon operation
• ISO 50001 energy management system
• Waste management programme
• Sustainable sourcing
• Biomass fuel boilers
• Chemical management programme

Sustainable / eco-friendly products

• Products made of organic/recycled materials.
• Products made in energy-efficient and water-efficient facilities.
• Denim jeans made with sustainable finishing.

Denim Jeans




Contact us

Crystal Group

Head Office: Crystal Industrial Building,
71 How Ming Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon,
Hong Kong

Contact Person: Catherine Chiu (General Manager, Corporate Quality and Sustainability Department)

Phone: +852-22618691
Fax: +852-21959828


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