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Indofil Industries Limited is a fully-integrated, multi-product chemical company functioning under the aegis of the KK Modi Group of Companies. Its expertise lies in the manufacturing, distribution and marketing of agrochemicals and specialty chemicals. It is India’s only manufacturing company of acrylic processing aid and impact modifiers for PVC processing. Over the years, Indofil has provided best-in-class chemicals, both to domestic and international markets. The products are accredited with international quality standards, such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. A consistent focus on innovation drives Indofil's ambition to create a US$ 1 billion chemicals company in the next five years.

Mission statement

Accomplishing leadership and growth is the overarching mission. Indofil wants to leverage its R&D, registration, manufacturing and marketing competencies through its committed and proficient team. It wants to strive to make customers successful by providing high-quality products, services and solutions in domestic and global markets. To expedite growth, Indofil wants to use collaborations, acquisitions and manufacturing proximity to the market in the segments of crop care, specialty and performance chemicals.


To be a global leader in growth with customer success.

Message from the top management

" Our current business focus is on specialty and performance chemicals and crop care solutions. We are open to diverse business opportunities. We believe partnerships are vital to accelerate our thrust for growth. Our aim is to be in partnerships that can maximize business potential, deliver value and create new markets that meet current and future strategic goals. "
- ALN Rao, Senior Vice-President, Speciality Chemical Division (Indofil Industries Limited)

Value additions

Customer success: Indofil believes that success lies in the success of existing and potential customers. It is doing all that is possible to understand, fulfil and exceed the customer’s stated and unstated needs, thus enabling them to succeed on a continual basis.

Knowledge: Indofil continuously upgrades among its personnel the skills and knowledge about technology, markets, products, customers, regulations and business processes. And, it also encourages new ideas and their implementation across the company for commercial benefits.

Prosperity: Indofil is focused towards winning, doing better than others through exploiting new opportunities and enhancing the interests of every employee, shareholder and stakeholder. And, also puts in cent per cent efforts and works hard to be recognised and perceived among the leaders in the segment of operation.

Teamwork: Indofil is backed with proficient employees and channel partners who think and work together across functions, businesses and geographies, leveraging the available resources to achieve common goals.

Velocity: Indofil responds to internal and external customers with a sense of urgency by consistent, focused and accelerated growth of the organisation with timely and optimal utilisation of all resources.

Sustainable initiatives

Indofil Industries Limited is committed to conduct its business in a socially responsible, ethical and environmentally friendly manner and to continuously work towards improving quality of life of the communities in its operational areas.

The CSR activities of the company will be implemented in accordance with the following core values:

Protecting stakeholder interests: Proactively engage with relevant stakeholders, understand their concerns, and be responsive to their needs. Use and promote systematic processes to engage with the stakeholders and address their issues in a just, fair and equitable manner.

Proactive engagement with local communities: Respecting cultural ethnicity and dignity of individuals and foster positive relationship with the people in the project areas where the company operates. Providing development opportunities to local communities in a culturally appropriate manner, in consultation & cooperation with local government authorities and other stakeholders, as may be appropriate

Inclusive development: Channeling resources and efforts towards making positive and sustainable contribution in social and economic development. Aligning CSR practices and programmes to complement and support the developmental priorities at local, state and national levels. Inclusive approach towards stakeholders and promote diversity through affirmative action.

CSR activities: The CSR activities will be focused on the four broad themes with goals to improve overall socio-economic indicators of the company’s area of operation: (i) promoting and supporting education programmes; (ii) ensuring sustainable environment; (iii) support programmes for farmers; (iv) philanthropic and charitable activities. The CSR projects and programmes to be undertaken by the company shall include activities falling within the preview of Schedule VII of the Companies Act, 2013. These programmes will be executed by Indofil and where appropriate in partnership with local government, NGOs, and others. The surplus, if any, arising out of CSR initiatives of the company shall not form part of its business profits.

Monitoring mechanism: Monitoring of the CSR activities would be done, which may include: periodic assessment of key programmes; baseline and impact assessment with key indicators in the areas of operation every two years; and, regular review by the CSR committee and reporting to the board on: amount spent on each activity, and achievement against milestones and objectives.

Responsibility: The responsibility for compliance with this policy lies with the CSR committee, the directors, chief executive and president, senior managers, and all employees and consultants working for Indofil.


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