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Marking a strong presence in the global textile market by manufacturing manmade cellulose fibres of impeccable quality, The Lenzing Group, headquartered in Austria, is a powerful entity functioning successfully for more than 75 years. It has vast domain knowledge and rich experience. Lenzing is the only company worldwide combining manufacturing of all three generations of man-made cellulose fibres on a large industrial scale under one roof – from classic viscose fibres to modal and lyocell (Tencel®) fibres.

With positive attitude and utmost determination, Lenzing has been fulfilling its social, legal and environmental responsibilities. Lenzing is committed to adhering to principles of sustainable business management and very high environmental protection standards. At each stage of its working function, Lenzing has inculcated sustainable practice to contribute to the environment and society.

Lenzing supplies the global textile and nonwovens industry with high-quality man-made cellulose fibres manufactured from sustainable sources such as wood and wood pulp. The product portfolio ranges from dissolving pulp, standard and specialty cellulose fibres to engineering services.

Lenzing has laid great emphasis on innovation. With a highly talented R&D team, it has been developing innovative fibres for various industries like apparel, home & interiors, technical textiles and nonwovens. The R&D activities do not end at the factory gates, but extend much further. Relevant processes and technologies exist on a small scale, along with suitably equipped laboratories and pilot/testing facilities. All R&D projects are supported and accompanied by an innovation process enabling efficient implementation and control, from the initial idea to the finished process or product.

The success of the Lenzing Group is based on consistent customer orientation combined with its leadership in technology and quality.

Mission Statement

Nature is our origin. Innovation is our mission.

The commitment to be and to remain the innovation leader in the industry is a central part of the strategy of the Lenzing Group. Our company has been a global technological pioneer in the ecologically responsible and profitable production of cellulose fibre for decades.

We create value with eco-friendly, innovative and top-quality products and services. Our business operations are stirred with sustainability and we are focused towards creating value for all stakeholders. We endeavor to improve our eco-foot and that of our partner in the value chain.

Message from the top management

" Lenzing Group has been breathing the air of sustainability for decades now. We strongly believe that responsible ecological and social action is a precondition for our success. Our economic, ecological and social performance is augmenting with each passing year due to our corporate strategy which is consistent with the concept of sustainability. "

We are a global company and we implement our high environmental standards in all our production processes at all locations. Careful utilisation of resources, reduction of emissions and systematic management of energy sources are some of our principles for ensuring ecological sustainability. Our incessant growth in this domain is the outcome of the efforts put in by our proficient staff members who are a valuable asset for our company. Without their hard work and performance our enormous success of the recent years would certainly not have been possible. Our social responsibility not only means continual training and further education, the organisational and creative setting of opportunities for personal growth and development, but also the steady improvement of safety standards in the working environment. We render utmost attention to our esteemed clients; we aim to maintain our dialogue with all interest groups and to take their needs into consideration. That is why the Lenzing Group is a responsible partner for the local communities at its sites and supports nonprofit projects there. Well targeted measures allowed us to reach our sustainability goals. As a part of capacity expansion at Lenzing we set new industrial standards: The successful introduction of a new technology for sulfate reduction as part of an anaerobic waste water treatment plant. Moreover, an additional air purification plant was put into service. Lenzing has become a very successful international market and technology leader. It takes the power of innovation to achieve this goal and that has grown over the years with our success. So here we are, confident that we will master the challenges of the future – with sustainability.

Green Initiative

The Lenzing Group has been committed to the fundamental principles of sustainable development for many years. The renewable raw material wood, serves as the starting point for the Lenzing Group’s products, namely man-made cellulose fibres. The principles of sustainable business development are embedded at Lenzing due to this raw material basis, and are thus practiced on all levels throughout the entire Lenzing Group.

With Lenzing fibres you immediately feel it: they come from Nature itself. There is a piece of Nature in every product made of Lenzing fibres, and they accompany the user all day long

  • Botanic Origin

Wood and pulp are the key ingredients used by Lenzing group to manufacture man-mad cellulose fibres. The cellulose used as the base material for pulp and fibre production accounts for 40% -50% of the #wood substance.

Cellulose occurs in the course of photosynthesis in plants. It is the world’s most important biopolymer by far. About half of the global biomass consists of this material. It provides the structure of all plant matter. From a technical point of view, cellulose is the reinforcement material of one of the highest performing versatile composite materials, namely wood.

Lenzing fibres are part of a self-contained raw material cycle. Biodegradability is inherent to Lenzing fibres because of their botanic origin, an origin confirmed by certifications (DIN CERTCO, Biobased und Vinçotte).

  • Wood and pulp

Pulp Technology is one of Lenzing’s core competence in addition to the man-made cellulose fibres produced using wood and pulp. While producing its own pulp Lenzing mainly utilises the wood which is not used for higher quality products such as in the furniture industry.

Lenzing purchases wood and processes the wood into pulp at two sites, in Lenzing, Upper Austria and Paskvo, Czech Republic. Apart from producing its own pulp, Lenzing also procures additional pulp from the global market in order to ensure that the entire Group has a sufficient supply of the raw material pulp.

  • Man-made Cellulose Fibres

Lenzing blends nature with industrial skills to manufacture its products. The fibres offered are industrially made from the natural raw material wood (#man-made cellulose fibres). As a consequence, they are somewhere between natural fibres and man-made fibres. They combine the natural wearing properties of natural fibres with the advantages of synthetic fibres, such as purity or consistent quality.

  • Water

It is used at the production facilities of the Lenzing Group, primarily as process water for pulp and fibre production and for cooling the equipment. Unlike wastewater from production, cooling water is subject to no emissions but only to thermal energy (i.e. it is heated up).

  • Energy

Focus on energy saving

Pulp and fibre production is energy intensive. Energy conservation has a long tradition in the Lenzing Group, for economic and ecological reasons. Many of the ongoing optimisation efforts are aimed at cutting energy use. All production sites of the Lenzing Group have a secure high-tech energy supply based either on their own highly efficient power stations or on close cooperation with local power producers.

  • Environmental standards

The environmental standards of the Lenzing Group comprise a voluntary commitment to adhere to strict criteria in the field of environmental protection above and beyond statutory requirements.

The basis is orienting business operations to strict benchmarks stipulated by various international standards such as the EU Ecolabel. The environmental standards of the Lenzing Group apply to all sites and serve as a yardstick in all regions of the world for the future environmental performance of the company.

Products and Innovation

Lenzing is the innovation leader and pacemaker of the cellulose fibre industry and a leading developer of high-quality polymer products for niche markets. ¬Lenzing’s research and development activities are far above the industry average. ¬ Decades of expertise provide the foundation for the further development of production processes and attributes specific to Lenzing fibres. ¬ Innovative marketing strategies and a flexible organization with teams geared to project work and inter-site cooperation create a high level of market awareness and fast response.


Tencel® is produced using the lyocell process, which won the European Award for the Environment from the European Union as an environmentally friendly technology. Unique physical properties such as tenacity (especially when wet), moisture management and pleasantness to the skin make Tencel® appealing material for a wide range of uses.

Uses of Tencel® in textiles

  • Quilts, bedwear, mattresses, sleeping bags
  • Shirts, blouses, pants, denim, sportswear, outerwear, workwear
  • Various technical applications

Uses of Tencel® in nonwovens

  • Wipes for baby care, cosmetics and household use and for industrial applications
  • Uses in female hygiene (panty liners, sanitary pads)
  • Medical wound pads, surgical swabs and components for surgical outer garments in the medical field
  • Various technical applications

Lenzing Viscose®

With 75 years of experience in producing viscose fibres, Lenzing sets the international quality standards in the industry for this product. Lenzing Viscose® is considered a premium product on the world market and is typically used in ladies’ outer garments, such as elegantly flowing printed dresses. Because of its purity, pleasantness to the skin and natural absorbency, Lenzing Viscose® is an outstanding choice for sensitive hygiene applications.

Uses of Lenzing Viscose® in textiles

  • Woven and knit garments (blouses, dresses, tops)

Uses of Lenzing Viscose® in nonwovens

  • Wipes for baby care, cosmetics and household use and for industrial applications
  • Wound dressings, surgical swabs and components for outer garments for medical surgery
  • Tampons in the hygiene segment

Lenzing Modal

Lenzing Modal® is manufactured from the natural raw material beech wood at the Lenzing facility for specialty products utilizing unique integrated process management. Besides being especially soft and pleasant to the skin, the fibres are known for their luster and brilliant colors. The lasting softness plus their high degree of absorbency lend them excellent traits and render them the ideal material for blending with cotton.

Uses of Lenzing Modal® in textiles

  • Homeware
  • Fashion knitwear
  • Underwear and socks
  • Terry products

Lenzing FR®

Lenzing FR® Made from the natural raw material wood, this fibre offers protection from heat in a variety of work areas. With its extraordinary characteristics with respect to heat insulation and moisture management, Lenzing FR® reduces the risk of heat stress or heatstroke and increases protection from first- to third degree burns.

Uses of Lenzing FR® in textiles

  • Protective wear for industry, fire departments and the military
  • Flame resistant fabrics for public transport (aircraft, trains)
  • Flame resistant fabrics for furniture
  • Thermal insulation systems for protective jackets

Awards and Certifications

ÖKO-TEX Standard 100 Certificate - “Confidence in Textiles – Textiles Tested for Pollutants” (Product Class I, Babies) for all Lenzing fibres

Responsible Care - “Initiative for Health, Safety and the Environment” – awarded by the Austrian Association of the Chemical Industry on 11 July 2000

Certification of the quality management system according to ISO 9001

Certification of the environmental management system according to ISO 14001

Eco Label of the European Commission - The Brussels “European Flower” proves the ecological technology leadership of Lenzing fibres. The European Eco-Label has been a symbol for environmentally friendly products since 1992. It allows consumers in the European Union, Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland to identify environmentally friendly products such as Lenzing fibres. In December 2002 the European Eco-Label was for the first time awarded to a fibre manufacturer.

European Award for the Environment -This prize was awarded to Lenzing Lyocell (today Lenzing Fibres GmbH) in the year 2000 by the European Union. The award criteria include consideration of ecological and social elements by the corporate management for products, technology and international partnerships. In this context the focus is on the sustainable protection of the environment resources.

Panda Award (WWF Austria) - This prize was awarded in recognition of Lenzing’s support for the WWF objectives, especially the WWF Water Program, as well as for its special achievements and commitment to nature conservation.

PEFC Chain of Custody Certificate PEFC (Pan-European Forest Certification): -global labeling of wood from ecologically, economically and socially sustainable forestry. An initiative of the private forest and timber industry based on the consensus of all substantial interest groups. These groups pursue the idea of sustainable forest management on a national and regional level. Chain of Custody: verification management of certified wood, from forest to final product. It ensures that only products manufactured from wood obtained from sustainable utilisation receive the PEFC label.

VINÇOTTE - TENCEL® and Lenzing Viscose® were awarded the “OK compost HOME” certificate from VINÇOTTE. The Belgian certification company VINÇOTTE examines and recognises products which are suitable for both industrial composting as well as for the proper disposal in individual garden composters.

Compostable(DIN CERTCO)-Nonwovens made from 100% TENCEL® and Lenzing Viscose® have been certified by DIN CERTCO as compostable products

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