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About OrganoClick AB

OrganoClick AB (publ) is a Swedish cleantech company that develops, produces and markets functional materials based on environmentally friendly fiber chemistry. Examples of products that OrganoClick markets is the water repellent fabric treatment OrganoTex® , the flame and rot protected wood OrganoWood® and molded fiber composites. OrganoClick was founded in 2006 as a spin-off company from Stockholm University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. The company has won numerous awards and has been appointed "Sweden's most promising start-up", "Sweden's best eco-innovation", a "Climate Solver" by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF ) and been listed on Affärsvärlden and NyTeknik's list of Sweden's 33 hottest technology companies. OrganoClick is listed on Nasdaq First North and has its headquarters, production and R&D facility in Täby, north of Stockholm in Sweden.

Mission / Vision

OrganoClick aspires to be a world-leading player within the developmental field of environmentally friendly fiber-based materials. We believe that by offering innovative, custom designed products and outstanding service, we will be the preferred supplier of complete solutions for manufacturing of functional and environmentally friendly fiber-based materials.

Message from the top management

" At the Swedish cleantech company OrganoClick we think that no industry should have to choose between performance and sustainability. "
- Mårten Hellberg, CEO (OrganoClick)

This should be particularly true for the textile and nonwoven industry, with its global nature and high resource consumption. Therefore we have developed a number of performance additives that are non-accumulative, biobased, biodegradable or all three things at the same time. The additives confers highly important functions like water repellency and mechanical strength. By choosing these additives, a producer of textiles or nonwovens won’t have to choose between performance and sustainability again.

Products & Innovations

In the textile and nonwoven industry OrganoClick is marketing the following sustainable performance additives that are non-accumulative, biobased, biodegradable or all three things at the same time.

OC-aquasil™ Tex - a fluorocarbon (PFC)-free water repellent additive used by responsible mills for conferring high hydrophobicity to textiles and nonwovens without using bioaccumulative chemistries.

OrganoTex® - a highly durable water repellent treatment that is fluorocarbon-free and biodegradable. It’s tailor-made for sports, outdoor and fashion brands that require high performance and quality, but won’t compromise on sustainability.

OC-biobinder™ - a bio-based and biodegradable fiber-binder used to increase the strength of fiber-based materials. It enables the manufacturing of fully bio-based and biodegradable nonwovens and textiles with outstanding mechanical properties.

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OrganoClick AB

Address: Ritarslingan 20
18766 Täby

Phone: +46-86740080


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