By the grace of God, Zenitex stands as the Most Awarded Textile Company in India. With the kind of Awards and Achievements that it has received due to the successful implementation of Energy conservation techniques and the 360° Sustainability approach in textile manufacturing, it has become a model industry widely recognized not only in the Indian market but in the International market too. It has garnered a unique pitch and a top brand name of its own.

Zenitex possesses the prestigious mention in THE ECONOMIST 2014 Report titled Breaking Borders from Canada to China, which highlighted the barriers which overshadow growth for expanding SMEs in an Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Report by THE ECONOMIST (LONDON). EIU conducted a survey of BRICM (Brazil, Russia, India, China and Mexico) developing nations VS G7 (US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Canada and Japan) developed nations. Amongst the in-depth interviews conducted globally, Mr. Viral Desai the only Indian representing the only Indian company was one of the Only Nine Senior Executives worldwide to be interviewed.

Apart from this Mr. Viral Desai CEO-Zenitex was awarded the Honorary Doctorate Degree in Vietnam and Zenitex also has a mention when it comes to records in Asia as “Best CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Initiatives.

Mission Statement

Our motto “Energy Flows where Attention Goes” originates from the belief that if we take interest and pride in the work that occupies most of the active time in our lives, in the place where we spend the larger part of each day, then, as a result, our satisfaction with life will increase, and we will be able to purify the society and make our lives enriched even more.

Message from the top management

Turning impracticalities into potentials, shaping dreams and exploring of what was formerly out of sight; Zenitex has marked the silver lining by accomplishing these all.
- Mr. Viral S. Desai, CEO - Zenitex

Quality, service, innovation and cost effectiveness are the areas in which we excel. We do this through the combination of product design and development, process innovation and cost controls in our manufacturing and supply chain operations. We are committed towards industry and have our focus on people, technology and the most important of all, the environment. The continuous optimization of operational and production process screening at Zenitex creates maximum cost efficiency by optimally using the resources. Energy optimization at Zenitex is built around 5 principles:

  • Resource productivity
  • Consumer safety
  • Air emission
  • Water emission and
  • Occupational health & safety

The CORPORATE PHILOSOPHY that we believe in and work on is “A BUSINESS THAT MAKES NOTHING BUT MONEY, IS POOR BUSINESS”. Our belief is that, a major stake holder to the business is the community in which our industry operates and hence, there has to be a direct involvement and interaction towards the wellbeing of the society in which we operate.

I believe the best ideas come from within; they are inspired from the inner self, they breathe in us until we unleash the potential we bore in ourselves. Zenitex has always been a flag bearer in an effort to ‘green’ the textile business in the country and strived to be an environmentally and socially responsible manufacturer that delivers value.

‘Hearts@Work’ Foundation is a Social Responsibility / Community Welfare initiative of Zenitex. We believe whatever we do, be it business or social service, we do it with our hearts.

Last but not the least, in all humility, I would like to convey that I feel extremely proud of my people, their efforts, contributions and perseverance that made the topmost state and national level recognitions possible for a medium scale industry like ours.

Recognized by the state and central government Zenitex promises a sustainable plug and play facility, which comes with an expertise of Energy conservation management. Zenitex can share their own team of management experts for labour management, manufacturing supervision & production and also facilitate government liaisons if need be of the partner company.

If things work out favourably the partner company can avail an opportunity to be benefitted and registered by the incentives provided by the State and Central governments, also recognition by the International organizations and governments for Global green practices in textile manufacturing. Options such as green sustainable production in Exports, approaching the World Bank and top other Global organizations who are keen to promote and encourage sustainable production in developing countries for financial Assistance.

Interested partners can also underline the Social Responsibility / Community Welfare Campaigns undertaken by Zenitex and further support can be availed with a Global perspective by the company. Companies can also highlight the contract manufacturing deal, joint venture or merger deal as a part of their own CSR campaign, as a part of recognizing, promoting and encouraging a medium scale textile company for Green production with community based initiatives in developing country like India.

Green initiatives

ZENITEX SEEKS GOLD IN GREEN Zenitex initiated the GREEN drive and have been extremely successful in achieving its goals of energy conservation. This drive was greatly appreciated and acknowledged by State and National Governments of India, due to which Zenitex was showered with many awards in energy conservation.

Some UNIQUE measures we have taken to promote ENERGY CONSERVATION and makes Zenitex GREENER include

  • Installation of Variable Frequency Drives / Inverters on all the machines and utilities in the process plant.
  • Installed Windmill based power generation thus, reducing carbon emission and carbon print by investing in renewable energy.
  • Have implemented Rain Water Harvesting for conserving water.
  • Installation of LED and CFL lighting in the entire processing unit.
  • Heat recovery and re use of de-pressurized waste steam of the pressure vessels
  • A green cover plantation that boasts of more than 1500 trees and plants in the campus, drip irrigation facilitates water conservation.
  • Organizing regular health and safety campaigns and Free Medical Check-up camps for employees.
  • Installation of Auto fuel feeding system and special nozzle fire bed for the boiler facilitates Thermal savings and controls pollution.

We at Zenitex believe that “ALL THE SPECIES HAVE THE RIGHT TO UNPOLLUTED AIR, WATER AND SOILS, IN ORDER TO MAINTAIN THE HEALTH OF THE ECOSYSTEM”. The long term goal of Zenitex is environmental protection, which can be completely achieved in part through pollution prevention.

Hence, now is the time to act, to rise, time to wake up from our slumbers, gulp down some fresh air down our lungs and join the march towards the Future and make it “GREEN” and we are confident that we will change the concept of something “Precious” to being “GREEN”.

“GREENERY” is more precious than the Yellow Gold adorning our bodies, the reason being that if we exist and more importantly if we exist with good health, then only, the Yellow Gold will harmonize to adorn your personality, or else it doesn’t suit the carcases.

We at ZENITEX stand for “GREEN”, and for us “GOLD is GREEN”.

Corporate Social Responsibility

To complete the circle of 3600 sustainability approach, Zenitex has initiated its Social Responsibility and Community Welfare drive through hearts@work foundation which is also an initiative of Zenitex. The last camp of Breast Cancer Screening in Dang District of Gujarat, recognized world over as one of the poorest tribal belt in India, where a World Record 40,000 females were screened for Breast Cancer and 5000 Sarees distributed just to convince those tribals who were reluctant for a check-up and other activities like this have also been accomplished by Zenitex’s Hearts@Work Foundation.

Sustainable/eco-friendly products and ventures

ENTRY IN THE WORLD OF FASHION - Zenitex is venturing in the Fashion World by launching its Garments Line. There is uniqueness in our products. The garments are not just clothes. Every individual piece of garments designed and manufactured by Zenitex Fashions speaks about volumes of Universal existence of Mankind.

DESIGN PHILOSOPHY - The design philosophy of Zenitex Fashions is based on the principle of Universe. We are always compensated for what we do. As Edgar Cayse said "You only get to keep what you give away." The Universe is a giant mirror, always reflecting ourselves back to us, for that is all there really is.

We are always compensated for what we do. If we consider cause and effect in terms of events, then strictly speaking, no one event "creates" another event, but is merely a preceding link in the great chain of events in the day of the universe. Every thought we think, every action, every deed, creates results both directly and indirectly.

Awards & Achievements

The Best Industry Award for Quality & Environmental Protection by Government of Gujarat

National Award for Outstanding Entrepreneurship – 1st time for a Surat based entrepreneur

National Energy Conservation Award 1st Position

The Best Industry Award for Quality & Environmental Protection by Government of Gujarat for 2nd consecutive time


National Energy Conservation Award 1st Position – 2nd Consecutive time

The Best Industry Award for Quality & Environmental Protection by Government of Gujarat for 3rd Consecutive time

Won The Health & Safety Award for 3 consecutive Years (2008, 2009, 2010)


(Awarded to 20 Indians From Around The Globe Who Have Made India Shine)


Contact us


Address: Zenith Mill Compound,
Vasta Devdi Road, Katargam,
SURAT - 395004,

Tel.: +91-0261-2533381
Mob.: +91 8899886677 / +91 9687605799

Email: info@zenitex.in

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