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TexPro is a Market Intelligence tool designed to empower the textile and apparel industry with high-quality Information. A tool which offers an unsurpassed platform to access quantitative data with unique insights. We are helping businesses to take strategic and calculated decisions to reduce market risks. Brands & Manufacturers are getting better understanding and clarity of market in the targeted countries. Also, they get the best deals with export-import trends along with the expansion in the global market.

Raw Material Prices

  • Understand the global market pricing to improvise your sourcing strategy regularly.

  • Frequent updates on feedstock, fibre and yarn prices, covering products like Cotton fibre, Cotton Yarn, Crude Oil, Naphtha, Polyester, Viscose, Acrylic, Nylon, Spandex, Wool, and more.

  • Track historical prices for an in-depth trend analysis for a deeper insight.

  • Market insights to get a better grip over price trends.

Raw Material Prices
Export- Import Data

Export - Import Data

  • Understand the trade flow (value, volume, and unit rate) of goods globally to decide on new export-import destinations

  • Monthly updates on Export-Import data from all major countries

  • EXIM data available at 2, 4, 6, 8 digits of internationally followed HS code nomenclature and by product category like yarn, fabric, shirts, dresses and others.

  • Access the Tariff line data for 10-digit HS code nomenclature

Analysis of Brands & Retailers

  • Track the financial health of major brands & retailers to derive crucial business decisions

  • Analysis of financial, geographical, and segmental performance of top Brands & Retailers like Adidas, Nike, Under Armour, H&M, Inditex etc.

  • Information on supplier data of Brands country wise and global store presence of brands up to the city-level

Analysis of Brands & Retailers
Country Profiles

Country Profiles

  • Comparison of major country profiles to decide your sourcing destinations

  • Overview of major trading countries across parameters like Economic Overview, Textiles Industry Overview, Business Index, Logistics Index, Labor market regulations, Wage structure, and Currency evaluation to assess the trading structure

  • SWOT analysis of emerging players to examine their trading scenario

  • Get ongoing progress on details like trade agreement negotiations, wage structure changes, and other latest developments


Tariff Rates & Non-tariff Regulations

  • Analyze the duty structures & trade restrictions across the globe to redefine your export-import strategies.

  • Access to product-wise differential rates across the globe for all textile and apparel product categories up till 6 digits of HS code nomenclature.

  • Details on Non-Tariff regulations like Anti-Dumping, Technical Barriers to Trade, Sanitary & Phyto Sanitary measures, Quantitative Restrictions listed for all countries.

Tariff rates & Non-tariff regulations
Market Size statistics

Market Size Statistics

  • Bring more power to your future strategies with the forecast of market size numbers in terms of value, volume, and forecast for next 5 years.

  • Get important Statistics on market size for various segments of Textile, Apparel, and Fashion Industry.

  • Obtain the potential growth opportunities, market drivers, restraints, growth indicators, challenges, market dynamics, competitive landscape and more information on major market segments.

Government Notifications

  • Get updates of respective countries to take precautionary action beforehand.

  • Important announcements made by the Government of various countries across the world, pertaining to the Textile & Apparel sector.

  • Access the notifications on Trade regulations, Changes in duty structure, Special packages announced, feasibility studies, Quality & Standards, Foreign Trade policies, National policies, SEZs, Logistics, Special incentives to manufacturers and every other detail that you would want to know.

Government Notifications
News & Articles

News, Articles & Events

  • Keep an eye on Industry updates and latest trends to know about the smallest of activities taking place globally.

  • Updated news and articles on Market Trends, Sustainability, Fashion, Brands & Retailers.

  • Get every-hour update on textile and apparel news from around the world & share it with your network.

  • Get calendar for all International & Domestic textile and apparel events.

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