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Country Profiles

Compare Various Sourcing Destination to Create and Optimize Supply Chain.

Compare and analyse different sourcing destinations based on various parameters such as business index, logistic index, labour market regulations and current currency value.

Economic Overview

GDP ($ Billion)
GDP Growth Rate (%)
GDP (PPP; $ Billion)
GDP (Per Capita - PPP; $)
Commercial Bank Prime Lending Rate (%)
Rate of Urbanization (%) - Annual Rate of Change
Electricity: Installed Capacity (Million KW)
Corporate Tax (%)
Inflation Rate

Textiles Industry Overview

Cotton Production (1000 MT+B16:B27)
Cotton Consumption (1000 MT)
Harvested Area (1000 Hectares)
No. of Textile & Apparel Industries
Labor Force (Textile & Apparel Industry) (Million)
Textile Industry Contribution
Lead Time (Days)
Exports ($ Million)
Top Exporters (By Value)
Import ($ Million)
Top Importers (By Value)
Trade Balance ($ Million)

Logistics Index

LPI Rank
Trading Across Borders Rank
Lead Time To Export (Days)
Time To Export: Border Compliance (Hours)
Cost To Export: Border Compliance ($)
Time To Export: Documentary Compliance (Hours)
Cost To Export: Documentary Compliance ($)
Time To Import: Border Compliance (Hours)
Cost To Import: Border Compliance ($)
Time To Import: Documentary Compliance (Hours)
Cost To Import: Documentary Compliance ($)

Business Index

Ease of Doing Business Rank
Getting Electricity Rank
Getting Credit Rank
Protecting Minority Investors Rank
Paying Taxes Rank
Total Tax and Contribution Rate (% of Profit)
Resolving Insolvency Rank

Labor Market Regulations

Fixed-Term Contracts: For Permanent Tasks
Maximum Length: Single Fixed-Term Contract (Months)
Standard Workday (Hours)
Maximum Working Days/Week
Restrictions On Night Work
Restrictions On Weekly Holiday
Average Paid Annual Leave (1; 5 and 10 Years of Tenure; Days)
Mandatory Maternity Leave (Paid or Unpaid; Days)
Minimum Length (Maternity Leave; Days)

Country Profile Factor Comparison

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