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Country Profiles

Compare major outsourcing destinations on various metrics such as Macro Economics, Labor Market Regulations, Business Index & Logistics Index and construct your global supply chain strategy effectively.

Overview & Comparison of major trading countries across parameters like Economic Overview, Textiles Industry Overview, Business Index, Logistics Index, Labor market regulations, Wages and Currency evaluation to understand & assess the trading scenario.

Economic Overview

GDP ($ Billion)
GDP Growth Rate (%)
GDP (PPP; $ Billion)
GDP (Per Capita - PPP; $)
Commercial Bank Prime Lending Rate (%)
Rate of Urbanization (%) - Annual Rate of Change
Electricity: Installed Capacity (Million KW)
Corporate Tax (%)
Inflation Rate

Textiles Industry Overview

Cotton Production (1000 MT+B16:B27)
Cotton Consumption (1000 MT)
Harvested Area (1000 Hectares)
No. of Textile & Apparel Industries
Labor Force (Textile & Apparel Industry) (Million)
Textile Industry Contribution
Lead Time (Days)
Exports ($ Million)
Top Exporters (By Value)
Import ($ Million)
Top Importers (By Value)
Trade Balance ($ Million)

Logistics Index

LPI Rank
Trading Across Borders Rank
Lead Time To Export (Days)
Time To Export: Border Compliance (Hours)
Cost To Export: Border Compliance ($)
Time To Export: Documentary Compliance (Hours)
Cost To Export: Documentary Compliance ($)
Time To Import: Border Compliance (Hours)
Cost To Import: Border Compliance ($)
Time To Import: Documentary Compliance (Hours)
Cost To Import: Documentary Compliance ($)

Business Index

Ease of Doing Business Rank
Getting Electricity Rank
Getting Credit Rank
Protecting Minority Investors Rank
Paying Taxes Rank
Total Tax and Contribution Rate (% of Profit)
Resolving Insolvency Rank

Labor Market Regulations

Fixed-Term Contracts: For Permanent Tasks
Maximum Length: Single Fixed-Term Contract (Months)
Standard Workday (Hours)
Maximum Working Days/Week
Restrictions On Night Work
Restrictions On Weekly Holiday
Average Paid Annual Leave (1; 5 and 10 Years of Tenure; Days)
Mandatory Maternity Leave (Paid or Unpaid; Days)
Minimum Length (Maternity Leave; Days)

Country Profile Factor Comparison

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