About us

Natural Colour People Since 1996

Our Inception:

90s was a time when chemical dyes had captured 99% of the market share in the textile industry. Being unaware and slightly non-bothered about future hazardous effects of chemicals on Nature & Society. In the mid 90s that people realized that the use of chemical color had disturbed the natural rhythm of the Earth. A lot was said, but nothing was done. The first ban on AZO dyes came from Germany in 1995. At that point of time, Mr. Yawer Ali Shah & Mr. Masood Ahmad Zaidi visualized the future environmental hazard and crisis. They decided to start research and development on natural and herbal products and created a viable commercial solution that was completely natural and sustainable. Today, AMA group of companies having diversification into Natural Dyes For Textiles, Auxiliaries, Natural Hair Color and Ayurvedic formulation, ECOCERT cosmos organic certified full range of cosmetic products and E-Commerce.

What We Do:

AMA Herbal launched its first research product “Extract form of Natural Dyes” in 1996. We relentlessly worked on improving our products until we gained acceptance in the textile industry. Today, AMA Herbal is the World Leader in Natural Textile Dyes, and the only company successful in commercialization of extract form of natural dyes formulation. This commercialization of natural dyes from textile industry is a sustainable solution as dyestuff.

Our products are result of our dedicated, highly qualified and experienced in-house R&D team. Our team is committed for making eco-friendly and trusted products for the consumers. Our company's concept is organic and herbal and it is reflected in the research and design of our products. When it comes to commercialization of natural dyes the biggest challenge we faced was process of application.

Whole world has automatic dyeing machines to match today’s textile world.Also the process had to be fit to eco-norms so the challenges was to fit to modern machines and Eco-norms as well.

Unavailability of technological references made that task even more difficult, but we took the challenge. Today we are happy to inform that we have successfully developed process of dyeing at:

  • Rope Dyeing (For Denim)
  • Jigger
  • Yarn dyeing (Hank form)
  • Piece Dyeing
  • We also have natural pigment for roller / screen printing.

For our achievement and innovation, our R&D is recognized under DSIR program of Government of India, ministry of science and technology. Our other major achievements are:

  • Cold Dyeing Process: we do not need heating(temp.) to dye with our natural dyes. Whole process takes place at room temperature. (Patent Pending)
  • Exclusive auxiliaries for natural dyes: we have full range of auxiliaries to be used in dyeing process, specially designed for natural dyes.
  • All our dyes and auxiliaries are certified on GOTS-V
  • We also have ZDHC & REACH compliance for all our natural dyes.
How We Do it?
  • We understand need of industry as concept for new development.
  • We try to use natural waste as first option of our raw material to fit this new product on "Best out of waste" concept that we practice religiously.
  • We study the whole process of manufacturing and waste disposal method to make sure that the product meets sustainable requirements.
  • Then we see that product meets commercial aspects and expectations of industry. This involves trials.
  • When product meets above criteria, we obtain certificates required by the industry.
  • Now the Product is ready to go to the market.
Why We Do it

Because AMA Lives by its Vision:

"We Strive to enable the world to realize and be benefitted with the full strength of natural products for a Better Life, Better Future and Healthy Living Today, Tomorrow and Forever.We focus areas of large concern- "Health and Environment."

Since our inception we are pledged to work towards sustainability. All our products, processes, practices confirms to all the three pillars of sustainability.

What are natural textile dyes?

Natural dyes are the coloring matter drawn from natural resources primarily used in dyeing and printing of textile & hair. They are also having their use in food, pigments, wall paint, wood, etc.

Natural Dyes are drawn from three resources:

  • Vegetable sources: Like flowers, barks of trees, leaves, roots, fruits, fruit rinds, stamps etc. This category is also known as Vegetable dyes.
  • Mineral sources: Some of the minerals are rich in coloring. They are directly used for coloring of textile; some of them include Hara Kashish, etc.
  • From Animals: We also draw natural dyes from animals. Most commonly two natural dyes are drawn from animals comprise Lac and Cochineal.

Before invention of World’s first chemical dyes in 1856 by Dr.Perkin in Germany, everything was colored with natural dyes. Natural dyes had potential for being used in every surface that has had seen colored from the ancient times.

How it is more environmental friendly to use natural dyes over low impact chemical dyes.

Natural Dyes are drawn from the natural resources and all process of extraction has been executed with water and it is 100% eco-friendly practice. Even remaining waste of extraction has of its use as a bio-fuel or fertilizer.

  • This is a labour intensive industry, thereby providing job opportunities for all those engaged in cultivation, collection of raw material, extraction generate huge opportunity of employment for poor villagers and farmers.
  • 2. Cultivation of crops like indigo reduces carbon foot print and also fixes nitrogen to increase fertility of land.
  • In cold dyeing process, we save a lot of heat energy from textile processing area, making natural dyes a wise selection for sustainable textile.
  • Some of its constituents are anti-allergens, hence prove safe for skin contact and are mostly non-hazardous to human health.
  • Natural Dyes utilization for Textile Industry is generating huge employment and livelihood opportunities in the developing countries.
  • The vegetable dyes represent a sustainable source with respect to their synthetic counterparts, they are a renewable resource.
  • Apparels dyed from natural dyes are safer to wear, because natural dyes are free from toxic chemicals which are often absorbed by the skin.
  • Most of the natural dyes have found their space in the Indian Ayurvedic Medicines. These are carrying medicinal properties and useful for clothing in terms of our day to day necessCompany’s Work Culture & Values:ities e.g. towels, undergarments and bad sheets, etc

Protecting our Mother Nature: The Company follows “Best out of Waste” practice and works to preserve the environment from the pollution caused by industrial discharge. The company has developed a product VegeBact™ which contains anti-bacterial properties. Use of this increase gap between the two washing of garment in home laundry. Hence saves water for better future when world is accountable to save every drop. The company's concept is Organic & Herbal which is exhibited by the research and in design of its products.

The company is considering the importance of “Energy Conservation” for sustainable living. Therefore, it has started working on energy saving and developed a process for dyeing of natural textile dyes at room temperature. This process makes natural dyes of the company even more sustainable for textile application.

Generating Rural Empowerment: Company generates Rural Empowerment by the cultivation of natural dyeing plants for making natural dyes products, e.g. when the company manufactures 1 kg of Natural Indigo extract for making Bio Indigo®, 2-3 laborers or poor farmers get 1 day wages.

AMA Herbal gives priority to use of raw materials which are the by- products of various processes or discarded after personal use. The company further encourages and organizes the collection of such waste products that generate employment for thousands of people associated with this activity.

Company’s Work Culture & Values: AMA Herbal believes in building relationships and strengthening values. Company’s focal point is on long term associations, not short term results. Every individual in the company has the freedom to work and operate and it has added to their credit feeling of truly empowered. The company’s work resolves around creating a safe and sustainable future and believes in the innovations of the natural eco friendly products and on their processes to make their contribution to ecological balance for the benefit of the humanity.