About Us

Dhruv fabrics are one of the best polyester fabrics suppliers in India. A Dhruv fabric is a company that stands for supply in especially polyester fabrics in dyed and printed form.

We are the experienced and biggest supplier of all type of polyester fabrics in India. Crape fabrics, chiffon fabrics, satin fabrics, Lycra fabrics, Moss fabrics, georgette fabrics is our lead quality for development structure

Our company established in 2006, started as a trading company in Surat, Gujarat, India.

Dhruv fabrics is a hub for product source and knowledge base for Garment manufacturers, buying houses in India.

Our mission, on constant updatation of the market with new products, is achieved by practicing collective innovation in fabric sector

Our identity remains distinct and unique in the whole of apparel industry. We can grasp and fulfill requirements in the fashion industry by constant interaction with buyers

Continuous and consistent effort for developing diverse specialty products is our guiding light for success.