About us

Wintex defines today's women as a spontaneous fresh and effervescent, so created a second skin of warm and pure femininity to celebrate womanhood in its true spirit.


Wintex has experienced through its journey and has lead into an enchanting world of unimagined opulence and is a perfect union of timeless quality and modern style.


We satisfy even the most demanding customer as we give most emphasis on the quality of our product. It is an era of fashion and comfort and with the help of our professional designers, we have one of the best designs blended with super soft material, also special attention given to the elastic & laces to provide comfort!


The machinery and technology used are the pillars of our workshop. We ensure that you get the superior quality knitwear's to accurately match your expectations. We are boastful of our production capacity, which ensures quality excellence at unmatched speed and standards. Wintex products with its most attractive, and innovative designed packaging is available in most of the major cities of india & abroad.


A brand name that comforts and accompanies you in your best times.