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Market Watch Report

ACN prices decreased in Asia due to lower energy values in the region. In SE Asia, average prices plunged and assessed at US$1540 per ton in the last week as compared to previous week. In FE Asia, average prices went down and quoted at US$1575 per ton in the last week.

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Cotton Intelligence

During last week, International Cotton prices increased due to bullish buying trend in the market. In China, Cotton prices improved due to favorable market conditions in the region. Cotton prices in India went down slightly due to weak business activity in the region.


Price Library

Price library is a sequential database of historical as well as current prices of major fibres and intermediates used in Textile Industry. Price Library would be of great help in understanding the dynamics of prices vis-a-vis the historical & current price trend of major trading regions represented in tabular and graphical format....


Trade Intelligence

Indian exports of textile and clothing witnessed a downfall starting August 2015 while imports remained steady. India's textiles exports are set to record a marginal decline at $40 billion in the financial year 2015-16 as compared to $41.4 billion reported in the previous financial year. The marginal decline in textiles exports is being attributed to a slowdown in global economy but, definitely the slowdown in the Chinese economy is an opportunity for India to grab larger market share in global textile trade.

Syndicated Market Research Reports are custom market research studies of consumer behavior and market structure that help clients understand their marketplace and highlight product, sector, or regional potential.


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Customized Market Research

We understand that each stakeholder in the industry needs information in a specific way time and again. This specific business information need is critical in decision making at various levels in the industry. Under customized market research, we can provide qualitative and quantitative market research across various segments within Textile & Clothing industry and regions to help your strategy team.

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Country Profile

"Country Profile" provides a complete analysis of a country in terms of major economic factors affecting textile and clothing industry, industry overview, global and country specific trade scenario, major trade partners, major export-import products, policy and news with regard to textiles.

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