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By : Coats Digital

Discover how GSDCost enhances fashion manufacturing productivity. Learn about improving SMVs, optimizing costings, and strengthening industry relationships in this exclusive webinar. Watch now!

Reducing Toxic Chemical Use and Waste in Textiles
Reducing Toxic Chemical Use and Waste in Textiles

By : Fairtrade India & Centre for Social Markets

This session talks about reducing toxic chemical use and waste in textiles. Hear our experts, Mr. Prasad Pant, Mr. Anjani Prasad & Dr. Swapneshu Baser discuss about the solutions and the insights...

Increasing Water Efficiency and Circularity in Textiles
Increasing Water Efficiency and Circularity in Textiles

By : Fairtrade India & Centre for Social Markets

Water being an important & limited resource, this session of the webinar discusses the solutions to help improve the water efficiency and circularity in textiles. Listen to the critical insights &...

Green and Circular Energy Solutions in Textiles
Green and Circular Energy Solutions in Textiles

By : Fairtrade India & Centre for Social Markets

Green and Circular energy solutions are discussed by the speakers, Ms. Dhwani Sunku, Mr. Ajay Balachandran & Mr. Ganesh Ananthraman in this session. They discuss about the real challenges faced on...

Sustainability Standards in Textiles
Sustainability Standards in Textiles

By : Fairtrade India & Centre for Social Markets

Mr. Abhishek Jani, CEO - Fairtrade India project & Mr. Binoy Choudhary - Control Union, in an interactive discussion talk about various sustainability standards prevalent and address all the...

On-Demand Webinar: Advanced silicone printing inks for better performance

By : Dow

With the continued global growth of the apparel market, the use of polyester, nylon and blends of these materials with elastane is also on the rise, especially in sportswear and loungewear. To...

By : Fibre2Fashion

The year 2021 ended on a positive note as textile and clothing trade bounced back handsomely over 2020, led by demand in the United States. Supply challenges related to the logistics industry...


The "Ensuring Outerwear Filled-Textile Quality and Certifications" webinar will be composed of 2 sections that attendees can expect to gain from: The first presentation will teach key points of...


The global fashion industry has been hit hard by the disruptions and roadblocks of the COVID-19 pandemic, with brands experiencing major quality and visibility challenges as a result. Digitized...

By : CGS Inc.

The whole world is moving towards digital transformation, so why shouldn’t you? Join this webinar hosted by CGS Inc. which will help fashion and textile manufacturers to transform their factory floor ...


Sustainability is more important than ever before in the textiles and fashion industry. It is becoming more than a “must-have” and is now a distinctive advantage for textile business operations. With ...

Overcome excess production challenges with on-demand manufacturing for Fashion

By : PlatformE

Digitalisation has been taking the centre stage and more so after the pandemic where the Fashion industry has seen a lot of turbulence with order cancellations leading to over-stocking and other...

Insights on Global trends & opportunities in Nonwovens & Technical Textiles

By : Fibre2Fashion

This Webinar highlights the trends and opportunities as well as the challenges in the Nonwovens & Technical Textiles sector. Learn about the latest innovations coming in across various sub-sectors...

Protect people and the planet : Create more sustainable water repellent textile with Dow’s textile finishing innovation

By : Dow

As the global textile industry quickly adopts new production practices and materials with reduced environmental impacts, conventional water repellent treatments are becoming less acceptable. Durable...

By : Covestro

Waterborne polyurethane coatings make textile production safer and more eco-friendly. Functional clothing, fancy upholstery, robust car seats: there are many good reasons that speak for polyurethane...

By : Fibre2Fashion, Dow

Webinar on Advances in Textile Inks hosted by Fibre2Fashion.com exclusively streaming in F2F Sourcing Show 2020 - The virtual trade event. The panelists are Jos Notermans, Commercial Manager Digital...


On-Demand Webinar on Wet processing with minimum pick up by Mr. Jayanta Sanyal & Ms. Carolin Russ from Germany based, WEKO Weitmann & Konrad GmbH & Co. KG exclusively streamed for Fibre2Fashion’s...

By : Fibre2Fashion

As global textile markets evolve in the new reality, brands and designers are transitioning towards sustainable raw materials and manufacturing processes for fashion apparel, home furnishings, soft...

By : Fibre2Fashion

Panel discussion with our esteemed panellist from various verticals of the industry, Mr. Naresh Tyagi, Chief Sustainability Officer from Aditya Birla Fashion Retail Limited. Mr. Anurag Gupta, MD,...

By : Tradewind

The objective of this webinar is to address the financial needs of young companies and SMEs, how Factoring and Supply Chain Finance solutions can potentially unlock new markets and working capital...

Functional, Fashionable, Sustainable Prints: New Dow binder for waterborne textile printing inks

By : Dow

As the market for outdoor wear that combines style, comfort and easy care quickly grows, consumers also demand more sustainable textile products that contribute to a cleaner planet. The textiles...

By : Fibre2Fashion

The COVID-19 pandemic has delivered a shock to the global economy and to the broader fashion industry; dominant concerns from sustainable materials sourcing to carbon reduction to workers’ rights...

Panel Discussion: Survival of the Fittest: How will Indian Manufacturers revive post Covid-19?

By : Fibre2Fashion

The Global business scenario is bleak and so is India’s with the ongoing pandemic crisis. With limited incomes, consumers are hesitant to make buying decisions and economies are going to face...

By : Fibre2Fashion

COVID 19 has significantly impacted the global textile and apparel supply chains because of the industry’s huge dependence on China as a manufacturing base. Though, for other manufacturing countries...

By : DuPont

Digital printing is driving innovation in textile printing for fashion apparel, home furnishings and soft signage markets. The market evolution is led by shorter runs, ecommerce platforms, design...

By : Fibre2Fashion

2019 will be marked as a significant year for the Textiles & Apparel industry. With the developments of US-China trade war, Brexit, WTO hearings, Shift in sourcing strategies, new tariff challenges,...

By : Fibre2Fashion

Fashion industry requires companies to stay nimble and on their toes. In today’s time, fashion retailers cannot take the fast follower approach. The fast-moving nature of fashion requires companies...

By : Fibre2Fashion

Amid the escalating trade tension between US & China and its related uncertainties for the global textile & apparel sector, significant changes are expected in the current global sourcing scenario,...

By : Fibre2Fashion

The term ‘sustainability’ is not a new concept in the world of fashion. The sustainable fashion first made waves in the 1970s. Over a period of time, the rise of conscious consumerism has led to a...

By : Fibre2Fashion

In recent years, the phenomenon of fast fashion has led to a significant rise in textile waste from 8% in 2013 to 39% in 2018. Resale of clothing has come up as a smart alternative to contain this...

By : Fibre2Fashion (Sponsored by Kornit Avalanche Poly Pro)

Over the last few years, the activewear market has been rising, owing to major shifts in consumer lifestyles. The activewear category saw growth of 6% in 2018. Sportswear brands are crossing over...

By : Fibre2Fashion

The year 2018 has seen world apparel players witnessing store downsizings and lesser retail growth but increase in sales due to digital market presence. This effect has fueled changes in the approach ...

By : Kornit Digital

Unlock the potential of a digital garment printing solution that ensures you incur the lowest running cost with a superior print quality. Digital Printing has changed the way last few stages of...

By : Fibre2Fashion

Efficient sourcing has always been a crucial element for the Apparel Industry and has gained additional significance with rapidly changing consumer preferences and pressure of cost, capacity and...

By : Kornit Digital

‘SHORTER RUN TIMES, ZERO INVENTORY AND ON-DEMAND PRODUCTION IS THE WAY AHEAD’ - Know how you can meet your customer’s demand in the most cost-effective manner presents Ms. Sharon Donovich, Senior...

By : Fibre2Fashion

Know in and out of the Athleisure Market and be future-ready!! Get insights straight from Fibre2Fashion’s Market Intelligence Team covering the important aspects like: • State of the Global...

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As per a study conducted by our marketing team, we found 59% of the webinar attendees logged-in through their smartphones. Therefore, all our webinars have been multi-device optimized.

Targeted Content

Leveraging on Fibre2Fashion’s long history in textile & apparel sector we make sure the content for presentation is as per industry benchmarks and does not mislead the audience, before it goes live

Analytics & Reporting

Post-webinar we develop an in-depth analytical report to give a complete overview on webinar performance, audience persona, level of engagement and audience feedback.

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A webinar is an amazing way to connect with your audience, place yourself as a pro, showcase your products/services, dive deep into the market insights, and boost your business.

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Launch, showcase & promote your products & services to the right industry audience in a short time with global reach.

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Over the years, we have amassed a myriad of audience network who visit and register on our website, follow us on social media or have subscribed to our newsletter. For creating relevant impact, our operations and marketing team reach the most relevant audience as per the webinar topic.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Q1: Will I be able to access the webinar later if I am unable to attend?
  • A: Yes, if you register and are unable to attend the webinar for any reason, you will be sent the webinar recording by email within 24 to 48 working hours.

  • Q2: Can I raise questions during the webinar?
  • A: Yes, definitely you can. At the end of the webinar presentation, you can ask questions to the presenter & presenter will answer. If for any reason, the presenter is unable to answer address all the questions, your question will be answered over email within 24 to 48 working hours.

  • Q3: Are these webinars free?
  • A: Yes, it is absolutely free. Fibre2Fashion does not charge a registration fee from its attendees as of now. In future, if a premium content is streamed, it will available at a nominal registration fee.

  • Q4: How can I come to know about the upcoming webinars?
  • A: Its simple, you can add your email id on this page, to get notifications about the upcoming webinar.

  • Q1: How can I become a presenter or a guest speaker for Fibre2Fashion’s webinars?
  • A: You can drop us an email on inquiry@fibre2fashion.com, with a detailed profile and your work experience. Our intelligence team will evaluate your profile, and if found suitable for any upcoming webinar, you will be notified through an email.

  • Q2: Can I host a webinar to promote my products / services?
  • A: Yes, if your products / services are relevant and applicable to the Textile, Apparel & Fashion industry you can definitely host a Sponsored Webinar with the help of Fibre2Fashion.

  • Q3: If I decide to host a sponsored webinar, what are the technical requirements?
  • A: Nothing! Apart from a good internet bandwidth you really don’t need anything, so that all you can focus on is delivering a great presentation. Fibre2Fashion takes care of the entire streaming of the webinar. You will be sent a presenter invite through which you log in 30 minutes prior to scheduled time of the webinar and that’s it.

  • Q4: Is the webinar live or recorded?
  • A: Either of them is possible. If you feel comfortable addressing the audience live you can do that. In case of a recorded one, you just need to send us the complete recording (in mp4 format) at least 3 days prior for test run.