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Custom Market Research Reports for the Textile, Apparel & Fashion Industry | Fibre2Fashion

Custom Market Research

Find Your Competitive Edge

Client’s market requirements may vary in line with the strategic needs of their organization. At Fibre2Fashion, we have dedicated teams of analysts and domain experts who conduct deep-rooted research for the entire textile & apparel value chain. Our team provides a comprehensive, research-based view that is crucial for building business intelligence and overcoming market challenges.

To provide in-depth advice to our clients, our custom market research studies are meticulously prepared. Fibre2Fashion's research experience and attention to detail will help you fully understand the market dynamics and maximize the potential of your current and future business operations. Discover the power of data-driven decision-making with Fibre2Fashion, your go-to source for customized market research reports catered to the textile and apparel sector.

Looking for specific research?

What We Do?

Fibre2Fashion's range of market analysis methods are tailored specifically
according to your needs, budget, and timeframe.

Some of our core expertise areas are:

Market Sizing

  • Estimate the total market size
  • Understand by country and by product type market shares
  • Identify the total addressable market


  • Plan your business strategies with reliable market forecasts
  • Anticipate future trends and stay ahead of market shifts
  • Gain insights into market projections and growth opportunities

Market Trend Analysis

  • Understand the factors driving the market
  • Identify the challenges of the market
  • Find growth opportunities in the market

Pricing Trends

  • Stay updated with the latest pricing trends in the industry
  • Make informed pricing decisions to optimize profitability
  • Identify price benchmarks and monitor price movements over time

Production and Consumption Statistics

  • Access detailed data on production and consumption trends
  • Gain insights into market dynamics and growth patterns
  • Identify key production hubs and consumer markets

Trade Analysis

  • Navigate the complexities of global trade in the textile and clothing industry
  • Identify new opportunities and expand your market reach
  • Gain insights into market projections and growth opportunities

Supply Chain Analysis

  • Evaluate the trends in supply chain
  • Identify the top performing and low risk countries
  • Identify trending product categories in the supply chain

Country Profiles

  • Explore the characteristics and potential of specific countries
  • Evaluate market entry strategies and expansion opportunities
  • Understand cultural and regulatory nuances for targeted markets

Demand Intelligence

  • Understand market demand dynamics
  • Identify gaps and opportunities for growth
  • Analyse factors influencing demand fluctuations

Supply Intelligence

  • Understand market supply dynamics
  • Identify gaps and opportunities for growth
  • Analyse factors influencing supply fluctuations

Competitive Landscape

  • Performance analysis of competitor companies
  • Analyse factors influencing the performance of competitor companies
  • Track the development of competitors

Where We Help?

For your unique business challenges, let our analysis guide you for strategic solutions. Whether you want to assess entry barriers or understand market potential based on your organizational goal, we have a solution for you!

Total Addressable Market
(TAM) Expansion
Market Dynamics &
Go To Market
(GTM) Strategy
Costing Analysis
Market Share Gain
Pricing Strategy
Competitive Intelligence
Sourcing and
Procurement Strategy

Need anything else? We can customize reports as per your need.

Some of Our Delivered Research Projects

  • Comprehensive study on East European countries’ important parameters like wage structure, trade analysis & textile market size
  • Study on export - potential in home textiles for Indian market
  • Study to estimate mill consumption of cotton vs polyester fibre in key markets
  • Study to estimate the consumption of textiles in MediTech product during covid and forecast for next 3 years
  • Study on growth potential of cotton vs man-made fibre and forecast till 2025
  • Intelligence report to support the scale-up of sustainable cotton
  • Profiling & detailed macroeconomic analysis of major countries in Asia & Central America
  • Market size estimation and forecast of demand, production & supply for MEG
  • Study to identify demand-supply analysis of Indian denim & jeans market with major players
  • Analysis of textile fibre and yarn market of Vietnam to identify the number manufacturing facilities that will be set up in Vietnam to develop vertical integration in garment production

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custom market research

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Frequently Asked Questions

We cover the entire textile and apparel value chain which includes fibre, yarn, fabrics, textile chemicals, apparels, home textile, footwear, and accessories.
Timelines will vary based on the specific requirements and scope of the project.
The pricing for our custom research services is determined based on the specific requirements and scope of the project.
We sign a non-disclosure agreement with all our clients