Mahabub A Khan Tanim

Mahabub A Khan Tanim

HBM Tex House Limited
House # 37 (2nd & 3rd Floor), Road # 19

We are still a beginner. Despite the reality that it takes a lot of struggle to establish, I would like to differ a little with the mention that involvement of an entity like fibre2fashion really cuts down the efforts and the amount of struggle. That's exactly what we did. Fibre2fashion helped in the process of our establishment. Today, we realize that we have grown and surprisingly we have raised as well our export value from nothing to US$ 256,475 in a meager 3 months of our membership. There is still a lot to come in the future, I'm sure. Within just months of my alliance with fibre2fashion, I have been able to crack some big orders through this site.

I would like to thank fibre2fashion for coming my way and enabling my business to heighten by leaps and bounds. Today when our company does so much business, of course majority of it comes through fibre2fashion's medium, no doubts. Fibre2fashion is a platform for all. Whether you're an established group or are an upcoming one / new settler. Business sourced via fibre2fashion comes in a faithful way.

To acknowledge its first class customer service, today, it pleases me to recall, when they would call me up 3-4 days or even more in a week asking me to post some regular selling leads, some hot-deal products etc. Their dedication makes me feel as if they treat my business as their own. Also, they've been very regular in sending me relevant buyers'details.

Trust is what allows us to have meaningful relationships with other people; without it, we cannot converse without wondering whether the person speaks truthfully. You would be unable to believe what the other is saying. Fibre2fashion is the bridge for networking with global buyers & sellers. There is a level of trust and reliability shared between fibre2fashion's members. This level is maintained by virtue of the realization that fibre2fashion itself is a reliable platform where real business is done amongst real businesses and real companies.

Eventually, there are many other B2B web service providers from China or India or USA. We have been members with those portals as well. But to be honest, fibre2fashion's data pooling seems to be magical. Whenever I used to make use of contact details of buyers from those other portals, it was my often experience to find that the phone numbers were either not reachable, didn't exist, or unanswered. As being a novice to online business, I used to comprehend that such thing happens and that it's normal. But after using fibre2fashion, I have realized that there was something fishy with those websites'data - something fake or meaningless. I am sorry to say this because my intention is not to rate them down but just to share what I felt. Personally, fibre2fashion is the only one web portal where I'm glad to find authentic and verified information. I have found couple of clients through Fibre2fashion where my business volume has gone a lot higher.

With all my best wishes to Fibre2fashion, I really desire to get some time in near future that I meet with the whole of fibre2fashion family and spend some time in delight. That shall be my way of thanking them. Till then, Thank You Fibre2fashion… Keep it up!!!

Besides this, I would like to tell some more about our business strategy and our capability which is always attracting our clients:

1. We have our own web portal where brief details of our company, our export products and details etc. are available
2. HBM Tex has a creative team who works in Bangladesh RMG trade since 12 years+.
3. We always accept any kind of small order like 50pcs, 100pcs, 200pcs. These quantities are usually refused by any exporters. Because to make these kinds of small quantities, it requires a lot of work but we believe that as 1st time nobody knows each other and so if we can satisfy our clients making this kind of small quantities, it could be a bigger order in near future.
4. Our business is in total 5 steps:-
Your trade / Our strength
Our sourcing / Your global marketing
Our instent response / Your demand
Your basic needs / Our arrangement
Our product range / Your total satisfaction
To get a brief details of these steps please log on

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