The saying goes,” first impression is the last impression”. And it includes both physical appearance and intellectual personality.

Modern men are spending riches for fashion and styling. Gone are the days when men wardrobe was limited to a few options. Today’s wardrobe is flooding with variety of options. For every occasion, men are ready to steal the limelight with awesome style.

Finally, Men have come to realize that they also need to be front-runner in the race of fashion. And they are no more taking fashion and styling for granted.

Men are breaking some rules of fashion and adding many more. In men’s wear more-is-more, and that’s what make it surprisingly tough to identify trends.

No worries! Here’s we’ve listed some awesome trends ruling dude’s wardrobe in coming year 2020.


One of the smartest investments of men is denim jeans. Favorites fashion of 20’s denim is again ready to rule men’s wardrobe in coming years.

Men are flaunting different shades of fashion with denim – double denim, white denim, Denim with turn up, dad denim, distressed denim, and nineties denim. Light denims are the most classic trend.

Oversized Shirt

The most controversial shirt of men’s wardrobe – oversized shirt can contribute to numerous great style. Oversized shirt is an incredible versatile piece only if worn correctly.

The best way to compliment an oversized shirt is often with a fitted pair of park skinny jeans or chinos as the combination creates a good contrast.

Oversize shirts are the most comfortable and trendiest of all shirts.

Forever Black

“Men in black” are ruling in fashion world since decades. And they are still ruling the industry with classic and charming black. Men are flaunting black everywhere from office to parties and the trend is still on. Confused? Pick black. A formulaic choice. The most causal yet sharp color for every guy’s personality, irrespective of season.

Leather Love

Doubtlessly, leather is every men’s favorite as it’s one of those daring fashion statement that not everyone can pull off. Men are picking leather to make their presence known in leather. Men loves leather in all the forms leather kilts, jackets, vests, shirts, pants, chaps, and coats. Moreover, leather accessories are also in high demand – ties, gloves, sporrans, and suspenders.

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Most of men’s current wardrobes is born out of the last century. Men across the globe are embracing vintage checks, turtleneck suits, statement camels, soft textures, oversized silhouettes, military men, and vertical stripes from the previous century.

Vintage is back in the fashion and men are flaunting it on every occasion. Vintage shirt and t-shirt can work wonders for modern office wear.


Over-the-knee shorts are ruling the men’s fashion world with style and comfort. Shorts are getting shorter stylishly. Men are all-set to flaunt their shorts paired with a shirt and a matching preppy blazer. There are a wide range of shorts for men – Chino shorts, Tailored Shorts, Denim Shorts, and Swim Shorts. These are the shorts for every occasion. Shorts are becoming the ultimate choice for men across the fashion to look stylish and comfort at the same time.

Mix and Match

Men are embracing mix and match fashion. The ability to mix and match gives freedom to discover a new style every day. Men are all-ready to experiment with colors, textures and patterns. The only thumb rule for mix and match fashion is “proportion”. And men are playing good with proportion.

Mix and Match is not just stylish but also economical and sustainable fashion.

Wrapping Up

Men’s fashion world is no more running out of options. Men are all-set to experience best of their look and fashion in coming year 2020.

Men are no more counting on two pair of clothes for any occasion. They also have a wardrobe full of options to dress for specific season and occasion. They are chasing latest fashion trends to dress up-to-date and create the right impression.