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Yohan Lawrence
Secretary General
Neha Jhunjhunwala
Director-Marketing & Sales
Ajay Sardana
Chairman-NECCP; President & Head-Petchem Industry Affairs

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Daniel Dayan, CEO of Fiberweb talks about the developments in technical textiles during an interview with Fibre 2Fashion Correspondent Manushi Gandhi. Synopsis: Fiberweb Plc. is a leading technical textile producer based in UK. The company’s...

Daniel Dayan
CEO | Fiberweb Plc.

<div>A team of scientists and researchers have discovered twistrons, high-tech yarns that generate electricity when stretched or twisted. The development is significant since electronic textiles are of major commercial interest, writes <b><i>Savita...

Ray Baughman
Director- NanoTech Institute | University of Texas -Dallas

Ventile is a registered trademark used to brand a special high-quality woven cotton fabric first developed by scientists at the Shirley Institute in Manchester in the United Kingdom. It was initially developed for the army and air force. <b>Daniel...

Daniel Odermatt
Senior Marketing and Product manager | Ventile