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market intelligence reports

Market watch report

Textile Market Watch Report is a comprehensive fortnightly Price Trend and Market Analysis report for fiber and feedstock materials.

Cotton Intelligence

Cotton Intelligence' is an exclusive services comprising of various reports on Cotton that will keep you updated on price trends...

Syndicated Report

The syndicated reports focus on market sizing by geography, type of product, and its applications. It provides an overview of the ...

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Trade Intelligence

Our Trade intelligence service provides global export/ import data and correlated reports for regions /countries across the globe.

Price Library

Price library is a sequential database of historical as well as current prices of major fibres and intermediates used in the Textile Industry...

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Technical Textile

Visit our Technical Textile page.

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Country Profile

Fibre2Fashion continuously scans the performance of key players in textile and clothing around the globe. "Country Profile" provides a complete analysis of a country in terms of major economic factors affecting textile and clothing industry, industry overview...

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Industry Insights

Industry Insights

Economic Update See More

Regular updates on Exchange rates, Inflation, IIP and other parameters of the economy of major nations.

  • Exchange rate
  • Inflation
  • Global Competitive Index

Trade Policy See More

Covers Trade Agreements, Duty Structures, Textile Policy of various Indian states and selected countries.

  • Duty Structure
  • Textile Policy
  • Trade Agreements

Industry See More

Updated information of all aspects of value chain including fibre, yarn, fabric, apparel including manufacturing costs, wage structures etc. across the world.

  • Manufacturing Cost
  • Fibre prices
  • T&C Employment

Statistics See More

Historical and latest figures on Production, Consumption, Capacity, Export and Import of various countries.

  • Fibre Statistics
  • Yarn Statistics
  • RMG statistics

Sustainable Fibre See More

Sustainability fibre is our initiative to promote the economic, social, and environmental concept that involves usage of eco-friendly fibres by providing latest information and trends and providing a platform for buyers and sellers globally to connect to work towards a better textile industry.

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