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About iON :

IT-as-a-Service is an innovative service model delivering a bouquet of products and services on-demand. That means it allows you to choose what is relevant to your present needs from an integrated suite of hardware, network, and software solutions provisioned by iON and its partner network. You only pay subscription charges for what you actually use. All of this is backed by business, technical and consulting services by iON.

Why us?

Cloud services- software hosted by us runs on the Internet and users can use it on standard browsers.
Our hosting ensures:

  • High performance in normal broadband
  • Stringent security and data privacy
  • Guaranteed availability (99% uptime)
  • Disaster recovery
  • No need of IT staff at client side

In other words, we manage everything while you use the software. 

Connected solutions

You may use a CRM along with an ERP. And a document management system could help you organize your files. When we provide all of these, we ensure they are connected. Each solution talks to the other when there is the common process touching it. So for you, it is simply IT, and not applications - because we make them work as one.

Changing business, IT changing in tandem

You may be frequently changing processes, or you may set up a new line of business. That is the agility that makes you grow. So in the course, you keep defining the IT. Configure the processes to work differently or simply choose new practices recommended by the software.

For us it is part of the show. Our activation system flags on best practices while the system is running. And as you pick and choose, we keep churning out more options.

Pay as you use

No capital investment required since we provide the IT infrastructure and software on rent. You pay as you use and only for the number of users who would actually use the software. The rent is charged monthly. Typically, the cumulative rental for three years is equal to the capital cost of acquiring similar or lesser software with one-time payment. Usually ROI exceeds rental within 3 months, when best practices are well followed. The rental includes maintenance plus training and there are no hidden costs.


While it is a cloud service, the software is configurable to each business. You will always get the flavour of your own business by picking and choosing what processes you would need.

Automatic upgrades

The software is under continuous development and your feedback counts. We keep enriching the software based on user feedback and business and statutory changes. The upgrade happens behind the scene without disrupting the user.

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To know more about the iON Solutions Toll Free Number 1800 209 6030 Email ion.salessupport@tcs.com

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Company Name ION-TCS

Toll Free Number 1800 209 6030
Email ion.salessupport@tcs.com

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