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Indian textile industry - An overview
By :   Dr.M.Dhanabhakyam, A.Shanthi
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The above chart clearly shows that export of world trade in textile group. Among world textile group EU occupies 34.80% of export, next China at 15.90%, USA at 6.40%, Republic of Korea at 6.00% Taipei, Ch at 5.50%, India and Japan at 3.80% respectively, Pakistan at 3.40%, turkey at 3.10% and Mexico at 1.20%.
In Clothing Sector the figures were as below in 2003 in percentage of total experts globally:

In this sector the exports have declined for EU (15) from 42% to 26.5% in period 1980-2003 whereas of China increased from 4% to 23% and of India from 1.7% to 2.9% only. We can see that developing countries' share in textiles had declined and in clothing it has increased sharply.


Textiles contributed 20% of India's exports to about US $ 12.5 Billion. The Quota Countries mainly USA, EU (15) and Canada constituted 70 % of total garment exports and 40% of India's textiles exports. In non-quota countries UAE is the largest market with 7% of textile exports and 10% of garment exports from India.

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