It does not face the problems that are faced by the other traditional hubs, being one of the largest cities of India. Orient Craft, Modelama, Handicrafts Collections, Trendsetters and Vrindavan Overseas are among the major players in home textiles in Delhi and its surrounding areas.

Mumbai: Mumbai, previously Bombay, the large metropolis and the capital of Maharashtra, is also one of the major production and export centres for home textiles. Like Delhi and Chennai, producers in Mumbai also source raw material from places such as Karur, Salem, Erode and Bengalooru (previously Bangalore) and add value to it. Home textile producers from Mumbai are popular the world over for their unique and innovative products.

Being one of the largest cities of India, it has the benefits of skilled labor availability and efficient infrastructure. Due to the availability of technology, these producers are able to produce large quantities of products of the desired quality, within the desired time. Being located very near to a port, the producers of Mumbai are able to export goods easily and give delivery to clients within shorter lead times. On account of the high operating costs in Mumbai, several producers have established plants in surrounding areas like Vapi and Solapur. Those producers who have set up their plants in Mumbai have huge plants so as to get the benefits of scale.

The home textile producers in Mumbai have carved out a niche for themselves, particularly in case of bedspreads, pillow and cushion covers and bathroom textiles. Alok, Siyaram and S.Kumars are the major players in the field of home textiles in Mumbai.

Bengalooru: Bengalooru, previously Bangalore, is the capital city of Karnataka. It has emerged as a manufacturing and export hub for home textiles, especially in silk. Bengalooru is largely engaged in the production of fabric, which is mainly done using power looms. This fabric is then sourced to other parts of India for value addition.

On account of the high price of pure silk, producers in Bengalooru are now experimenting with fabrics such as artificial silk, wool silk and cotton silk among other fabrics. The producers in Bengalooru get the benefit of modern technology and efficient infrastructure, as is the case with large cities.

Mirzapur and Badhohi: Mirzapur and Badhohi are small cities located in Uttar Pradesh, which are major centers for the production of floor coverings and carpets. The collective turnover of the two cities is around Rs. 2000 crore.

Being small cities, Mirzapur and Badhohi have infrastructural problems such as poor roads, lack of reliable power supply and lack of hotel facilities, due to which they have not been able to achieve growth to their optimum potential.

Jaipur: The Pink City of Jaipur has also become an important centre for the production of home textiles, especially those using the traditional techniques of tie-and-dye, block printing and appliqu. A few producers in Jaipur have also started undertaking bead work to add more value to the product.

Jaipur faces tough competition from Delhi on account of the geographical proximity between the two regions. However, Jaipur gets the benefit of lower wage rates as compared to Delhi.

Jaipur is a well-known tourist destination, visited by a number of foreign tourists. This has helped largely in the development of Jaipur as a home textile production and export center.


It is evident that India is fast emerging as a major production and export centre for home textiles. There are a number of centers that are specifically engaged in the production of traditional home textiles, while some are engaged in sourcing of raw material and value addition. One can say The home textile industry is thriving in India.

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