Mauritius is one of the largest fully fashioned knitwear producer, the third largest exporter of pure new wool products, and Europes fourth largest supplier of T-shirts. In the EU, which takes almost two-thirds of exports, Mauritian textile and apparel producers have enjoyed duty- and quota-free access for 37 years under the Lom Convention and later the Cotonou Agreement. Mauritian textiles and apparel companies started to enjoy similar access to the US market under the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA). However, these benefits depend on the use of materials made in Sub-Saharan Africa or in the USA. Also they do not cover knit-to-shape apparel.

Mauritius now faces growing competition from lower cost suppliers elsewhere in the region and from Asian producers, especially since abolition of quotas. Some firms are responding by moving their operations offshore, including to nearby Madagascar. Others are diversifying from basic knitted and woven shirts, trousers, jeans and fully fashioned knitwear to items of higher added value. For its part, the government sees a wider role for Mauritius as a "Hong Kong or Singapore of Africa"- a centre for sourcing products from reliable and quality-conscious suppliers.

Key figures on the Mauritian Textile and Garment Industry

Number of employees (2005) 

No. of Employees

Export Processing Zone (Total)

            65 888

Of  Which : Textile and Garment Companies

            49 968

Over 75% of workers in the EPZ sector are employed in textile and garment manufacturing companies

Number of companies (2005)

Type of Company

Number of Units

Export Processing Zone (Total)


Of Which  : Garment Manufacturing


                 : Textile Yarn and Fabrics


Exports Markets                                      

The textile and garment sector contributes to nearly 80% of total EPZ exports. Revenue generated from this sector amounted to US $ 892 million worth of garments. Traditionally, the main export markets for apparel have been Europe and the USA.

Categories of Products Exported

At present, exports of garments are concentrated in four main categories, i.e. pullovers, T-Shirts, shirts and trousers (which represent over 90% of total garment production). However, in recent years, there has been a diversification into other product ranges such as childrens wear, beachwear, lingerie, suits etc.


Value ($) million

T-Shirts/ Polos