The growing appeal for fashion garments has grown drastically over the past years. From a teenage girl to a 50 year old woman, everyone would want to dress fabulous and look their best. A recent survey taken by a famous newsletter states that some of the latest fashion trends pose a variety of risks.

Low rise jeans also known as 'hip huggers' are a popular fad preferred by both men and women. Women of all ages are seen wearing tight, and low slung jeans. These are generally made from denim and are worn tightly around the hips, and the style gradually flares up towards the lower leg. Seen in the market with different styles, these apparels are created with stretching materials for a tighter fitting, and are available in different attractive colors. Hip huggers created a bold fashion move when dressing became no longer conservative, and leisure dressing was believed as prestige.

The trend of hip huggers is not new. It started initially during the 60s when the hippie counter-culture and rock 'n' roll was on its peak. During the later years, the apparel became an icon of disco culture. During the 90s runway models were seen in low rise jeans. Tom Ford designed his first Gucci hip hugger suit, and popularized it by Madonna. Celebrities like Britney, Jennifer Lopez, and Christina made the apparel to become a popular craze among the youngsters. It generally takes a couple of months for a trend to live its circle, and then is diminishes naturally, once new fads spring up. But the craze for hip huggers clings tenaciously on. Youngsters, especially women are reluctant to abandon them.

To go with the craze of the people, new trends pop up every now and then. A Brazilian company has introduced a new type of low rise jeans in the market which includes a bungee cord that allows the wearer to adjust the height of the pants according to her choice. Many of the patterns in these apparels are suitable only for kids, and does not suit the dress code of women in their normal life. This will prove to be impractical apparel in everyday life. It makes sitting or bending over difficult. Low slung pants also tend to slide down making the wearer to hitch them frequently. Wearing them constantly also result in medical problems. They might cause numbness in the thighs by pressing a nerve at the hip. If not identified at the right time, the numbness might become permanent.

It is not duress to avoid wearing low rise pants, but these apparels should be worn with the right choice of accessories to as to enable the wearer to feel comfortable. Like any extreme fashion, this can also go wrong and become a major fashion faux. Low hip huggers should be worn with a wide belt to secure the low cut pants. A cool belt will not only look great, but will also keep the pants in check. Jeans should be selected in the right way so as to ensure that excess fat does not hang over the top of the jeans. Shirts should be selected with the right fit, and should not be too tight.

Moderately low rise jeans can be worn supplemented with the right choice of accessories to create and fashion statement with style and class. Looking attractive is a great style provided how a woman selects her garments. Low rise jeans with the right connotations will look groovy.


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