Costing is a very complex procedure with set patterns and guidelines followed by the industry and it is difficult to find out costs for every process as there are some inbuilt costs while costing. The yarn is made and fabric is weaved and thus generates Grey cloth. The general sequence of processes carried out on Grey cotton cloth to the final garment is as follows:

About 65-70% cost of the garment is the cost of the fabric and hence it is very crucial to get the right cost of the fabric from fabric manufacturers and suppliers.

A large variety of fabrics are used in the export/domestic market for different end uses. Costing depends a lot on quantity and order received. Buyers send specifications and the fabric has to be developed as per the design trend. Garment manufacturers source fabrics with specific construction and characteristics in different quantities for different end uses. Garment manufacturers struggle to get the best possible cost of the fabric. It would be interesting to know the important points to consider for getting a comprehensive understanding of costing. Costing seems to be a complex exercise as it depends on a number of variables. Costs are calculated taking into consideration the complete production process and machinery involved.

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The author is a practicing Textile Consultant and Colour Matching expert.