Chanderi is one of the most renowned clusters of Madhya Pradesh especially for the sarees made here with the blend of cotton and silk. Chanderi has been constantly reviving itself with changing times. It is particularly known for making high-quality products like fabrics and sarees matching with the needs, tastes and preferences of people from time to time, be it conventional or contemporary. It has around 3500 working looms and 7000 weavers with a turnover of about 15 cr. UNIDO's implementation Development Programme through the development of cluster schemes is mainly for alleviating poverty. Chanderi is no better synonymous to the magical weaves that drape a woman with finest blends of silks with cotton and muslins. Anyone who is looking for anything beyond sarees can look out for salwar khamees, lehenga and other dress materials too.


Activities in Chanderi Cluster

  • Institutions are fortified with tools like capacity enhancing schemes.
  • Weavers are trained in Total Quality Management.
  • Upgrading looms by take up motion in some looms.
  • Silk club is made vigorous and is drawn in for marketing corporate linkages.
  • High precedence is given to marketing focusing mainly on quality, price and design.
  • Widespread promotional hubs in Tourist destinations.
  • Maintain links with Dastkar and Women weavers etc. for new and innovative designs.
  • Encouraging Resource Centre to direct the cluster in all technology facets and especially quality matters of Geographical Indication Act.
  • Commence work on use of Geographical Indicators certification insistently.
  • Take up sponsorship for improved transport facilities of the products.
  • Extension of Dye House, with various provisional amenities.
  • Yarn Bank, having just gray/plain yarn, for timely availability, quality genuine rates.
  • Beginning of advertising activities mutually with Kota, Maheshwar, etc.
  • Apposite arranging of health care facilities for women especially.
  • Facilitating Education for children of weavers as well as weavers themselves.

The Intervention Scheme has been playing an important role in enhancing the activities of the cluster right from the very beginning i.e, getting raw materials, innovation in designs, technology upgradation, colouring and dyeing, and applying of appropriate marketing strategies. It has also helped through various trade fairs, exposure programmes and buyer-seller meets.

About Chanderi

Chanderi is famous for its drape of saree with rich gold border at the 'pallu' and some selective ones having gold embellishments with lotus roundels or butis, spread all across the six yards.

Chanderi involve in production of three kinds of fabrics mainly:

  1. Pure silk where the warp and weft is woven in pure silk.
  1. Chanderi cotton The warp and weft are 100s or 120s cotton. The Chanderi muslins have been known for their smoothness and softness; this was conventionally attained by using koli- a local wild onion used for sizing. Today this quality has been put to an end.
  1. Silk cotton the weaver skillfully coalesce 13/15-denier warp with 100s/120s cotton in the weft.
  1. Pure silk where the warp and weft is woven in pure silk.