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Fibre2Fashion provides Trade intelligence services thereby providing global trade statistics. The services includes export/ import data and correlated reports for major trading regions of textile value chain across the world.

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  • Global Trade Overview
  • Country Profiles
  • Tariff Barriers
  • Trade data
  • Customized country reports up to 6 digits

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Trade Intelligence service is developed for facilitating manufacturers and exporters in strategic marketresearch, monitoring product-specific trade performance and identifying the potential for market. View Current & Historical Data, Download Data, and Submit Form for Customized Report.

Products Covered

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Country Profile

Fibre2Fashion continuously scans the performance of key players in textile and clothing around the globe. "Country Profile" provides a complete analysis of a country in terms of major economic factors affecting textile and clothing industry, industry overview...

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Industry Insights

Economic Update See More

Regular updates on Exchange rates, Inflation, IIP and other parameters of the economy of major nations.

  • Exchange rate
  • Inflation
  • Global Competitive Index

Trade Policy See More

Covers Trade Agreements, Duty Structures, Textile Policy of various Indian states and selected countries.

  • Duty Structure
  • Textile Policy
  • Trade Agreements

Sustainable Fibre See More

Sustainability fibre is our initiative to promote the economic, social, and environmental concept that involves usage of eco-friendly fibres by providing latest information and trends and providing a platform for buyers and sellers globally to connect to work towards a better textile industry.

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