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Textile Market Watch Report is a comprehensive fortnightly Price Trend and Market Analysis report for fiber and feedstock materials. Globally acclaimed, this report is compiled by a team of experts after assimilation and analysis of vital inputs and data from global markets-media-sources. Unbiased and incisive, it has been appreciated for its user-friendly form and precise information.

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CrudeOil from 01-15, Jul 2014
During the first half of last fortnight, Crude oil prices went down and fall in prices were triggered by poor economic data emerging from U.S.A and Germany coupled with drop in equity indices at US. During the second half of last fortnight, Crude oil...

Propylene   |   Acrylonitrile    |    Acrylic Staple Fibre    |    Polypropylene    |   
Crude Oil    |    Naphtha

Propylene from 01-15, Jul 2014
In the first half, selling offers for Propylene went up slowly and buyers did not respond to costlier offers assertively. However, sellers were also not willing to decline offer rate, as availability was bit tight. Propylene price went up in Asian ma...

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Crude Oil    |     Naphtha

Benzene from 01-15, Jul 2014
In Asian market, Benzene market showed weak performance and prices went down due to weak crude oil value coupled with sluggish buying sentiments in the regions. Benzene prices declined in Asia in tandem with lacklustre market sentiments in the Chines...

Cotton linters & Pulp    |    Viscose Staple Fibre    |    Viscose Filament Yarn

PULP from 01-15, Jul 2014
Cotton linter market presented modest outlook and prices remained stable due to subdued demand from the downstream buyers in the Chinese domestic market. Imported dissolving pulp market presented weak performance and prices remained stable due to sub...

Cotton    |    Spandex     |    Wool

COTTON from 01-15, Jul 2014
International cotton market showed weak outlook and prices went down due to subdued demand from the downstream market and sluggish market fundamentals during the first half. China cotton market remained lacklustre and prices went down due to weak dem...

 Weekly Price Monitor
Product Terms Price
CrudeOilBrent108.13 US$/Brl
Naphtha * *
Paraxylene * *
PTAS E Asia (CFR)1020 US$/Ton
Ethylene * *
MEG * *
PET ChipsN E Asia (FOB)1270 US$/Ton
Polypropylene * *
Benzene * *
VSFChina (CMP)1620 US$/Ton
* - For Privileged Members
Published on :July 22, 2014  
  • BG & FG PET Chips prices decline in Chinese market

    In the S E Asian region, prices of BG PET Chips remained stable in the range of US$ ****/ton to US$ ****/ton, and some deals were concluded in the range of US$ ****/ton to US$ ****/ton. In the F E Asian market, selling offers remained steady in the range of US$ ****/ton to US$ ****/ton, while talked prices were offered in the range of US$ ****/ton to US$ ****/ton.

  • Benzene trends slip in Asia & US, rise in Europe last week

    Benzene prices showed downward trend in Asia and US, while they went up in Europe last week. In Korea, Benzene prices went down last week due to bearish upstream energy prices coupled with lower upstream product prices.

  • Propylene prices increase in US; stable in other markets

    In S E Asian countries, Propylene prices maintained a stable trend at US$ ****/ton. In Korea and Japan, prices were stable at US$ ****/ton and US$ ****/ton, respectively. In the Chinese market, prices were assessed at US$ ****/ton.

  • PX prices dip across all global markets last week

    PX prices dipped across all global markets last week. In Korea and S E Asia, they fell due to sluggish downstream demand, weaker upstream energy prices in the region as well as lower downstream product prices, while those in Europe and US followed trends set by Asian markets.

Buhler Quality Yarns Corporation

I certainly look forward to be receiving the Market Watch Report. It has become an important tool in our sales and marketing efforts, as it gives in concentrated form, major developments on raw materials and fiber prices from around the globe, with special focus on the Asian region where the vast majority of today’s textiles and apparels are produced.

I find especially the graphs very helpful as they give a longer term view and put certain short term developments into a larger context.