By: Jane Lawson

Leather fur coats can never go out of fashion circuit. The emergence of a new sense of shape and structure by designers has made fur not only a key element this season, but it has provided a vital direction for the image of fur itself. It is true that it speaks a volume difference in faux fur leather apparel and real fur leather, but the gaudy experience and opinion of few comes at the sacrifice of millions of those innocent lives of creatures. But again the great thing about a faux fur coat is that you can get it in any style of animal that you want. You couldn't get a real tiger coat, but get a tiger faux fur coat.

Rounded shapes, A-line silhouettes, cropped jackets, and architectural looks are the seasons key signatures, and everywhere, designer fur has been masterfully cut or combined with leather, using detailing that emphasizes collars and cuffs, sleeves and pockets, borders and edges. Color and shape replace ornamentation and decoration as the focal points. A quiet sensuality turns up in pared down power-dressing, sometimes with metallic touches for a bit more glamour. Black continues to show the new silhouettes, joined this season by winter white and grey, along with a palette of dark colors as well.

Subtle elements this season are rounded shoulders to round sleeves that are puffed, gathered or belled to bubble and tulip hemlines. Designers have come up with new ways of working with fur, making it more casual and wearable garment. Its the New Fur Coat, combining the best of fur with leather in innovative ways. Its the way a modern woman will wear fur everyday, because it is easily worked into her lifestyle. Be it a trendy single breasted grey leather coat, topped with dyed silver fox crafted oversized rounded collar and full, belled sleeves or a classic leather trench coat with deep fur banding from waist to hem, deep fur cuffs and an oversized collar you will look a complete leather freak in any leather outfit.

Slim long leather coats made luxuriously with contemporary fur edged sleeves look to be the ruling runway trend these days. Designers are creative and plentiful in their use of designer fur touches at a garments many edges, borders, collars and cuffs to give it a new shape and visual interest. New short length leather fur coats appear to better join this new look of leather fur coat bandwagon. Sleeveless mini fur coats with a leather belt can be worn over a metallic or non-metallic mini dress with a low plunging or cowl necklines to look absolutely stunning.

Beside this leather coats in hooded black anorak with fur trim look stunning over black mini dress. The global fashion community has turned out strong and powerful with fur looks that fit the lifestyle of modern women. The new shapes and creative use of designer fur have reached out to a new customer, one who has never worn leather fur coats before and the elegance of subtle glamour, fur has achieved new power and authority in fashion.

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