Men's suits are perceived as prestigious and authoritative. With their timeless appeal, their elegance is more than just a fashion statement; it is more of a strategic choice for individuals seeking to enhance their presence in the room. Unfortunately, finding the right suit that aligns with needs and preferences can be relatively daunting.

Choosing the right suit is important because it is the key to creating the best possible look without sacrificing comfort. It is essential to note that not all suits are made equally. So, you will need to invest considerable time and effort to find what fits your body type and occasion.

Things to Consider When Choosing Suits and Accessories

Types of Suit

The type is one of the most important considerations when choosing a suit. Each suit type offers features suited for different body types, personal styles and occasions. Therefore, your choice could make or break your style and fashion.

The most common types of suits available for men at Izac include classic suits, modern suits, tuxedos, three-piece suits and double-breasted suits. Classic, three-piece and double-breasted suits are ideal for those formal business settings and special events where making a statement is essential. On the other hand, tuxedos and modern suits are suited for trendy events, weddings and galas where less formality is required.

Fabrics and Materials

As you shop for suits, you will probably discover they come in various fabrics and materials. The most common materials include linen, cotton and wool. However, you can also find suits made from synthetic materials, commonly polyester and viscose.

The fabric choice typically depends on when you want to wear the suit. If you are looking for a summer suit, you will need something lightweight and breathable – choose linen, synthetic or cotton fabrics. However, for colder months, choose suits made from wool to keep you a little warmer.

Fit and Tailoring

Besides the material and fabric, it is essential to find a suit that fits you properly. Since manufacturers use different specifications for sizes, you can't always rely on the numbers to find a suit that fits you. So, how do you find a fitted suit?

The easiest way to find a suit that fits your body is to shop in person and try out the suit before buying. Alternatively, have the suit tailored to your specific measurements. A custom-made suit is the better option because there will be no generic measurements, materials or colours used, ensuring the suit not only fits but also aligns with your specific needs.

Essential Accessories

Once you have a perfectly fitting suit, the next step is to find essential accessories to add the right amount of charm to your look. The common accessories worn with suits include the following:

  •  Ties and Bows – for a more professional look, wear a bow or tie that's the same colour as the suit.

  •  Pocket squares – these complete the look by harmonising the colours of your shirt, tie and suit.

  •  Cufflinks – these are ideal for formal settings and go well with modern suits and tuxedos.

  •  Watches – a watch adds style and complements your tailored look when wearing a suit. However, make sure you select an appropriate watch to avoid adding an accessory that clashes with the formality of the suit.

  •  Belts and suspensions – wear belts and suspenders with balanced colours to enhance your overall appearance. Avoid overly bulky and wide suspenders, as they could have a negative impact on the silhouette of your suit.

In Summary

In addition to these factors, remember to consider your budget when choosing a suit. Cost is not directly proportional to quality, so spending the highest amount is not always the key to finding the perfect suit that fits your needs. Remember, the right suit provides confidence without compromising personal and financial comfort. Lastly, experiment with different suit styles and designs to find your unique look.