Why is it - that trendy fashion freaks are labelled as such? .Well let me tell you a little secret in the way of a "wake up call".

What we need to do at this stage is first decipher what the word freak means. There can be many different renditions of the word - but if we are talking fashion then that is a horse of a different colour as the saying goes.

If you have been called a freak at some stage in your life then the person on the end of the abusive tongue may see you as a sort of human oddity. The word can also denote an image of unusual or deformed vision.

Fashion is a serious business where we all like and love to keep up with the latest trend but however in saying that, you need to sit back and ask yourself - are you going over your budget or are you next in line for an onslaught of abusive remarks all because you are following the fashion traits of today. Listen up guys and gals, how can any one fashion designer dress every individual on the planet of every different shape and size and still get it right?

So there you have it in black and white - not everyone will be ideally suited to the platform shoe, denim dungarees or the up the bum thong that is in fashion - could this be the answer to why a person is called a fashion freak. Another matter you have to address is why you dress up in the latest fashion creations, is it for you or for others.

Regardless of what is said a great many people will still choose to go on wearing the fresh new designs that grace the rails of our fashion boutiques - and rightly so - on this I agree, but only if that particular design is suitable and able to take that inner beauty from within, so that you can inject that warm beauty to glow on the outside while wearing the in thing (fashion garment).

Listen up ladies and gents if you want to make an impression by wearing garments as such then get it right. There are some folk than can pull off wearing any outfit even if comes across as if were designed purely for a circus clown - but unfortunately if you are one of those people that will evidently portray the look of a clown regardless of what you do to alter it - in the way of adding accessories, then do not fret. Remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder so let the beholder be you when making decisions on what you feel will look right as well as comfortable..

Decisions made to put the latest designs into the high street boutiques - were those made by that of clowns them self. (Fashion designers)

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