By: Meryl Rougeaux

Silk scarves make fantastic fashion accessories, more so than a set of hat and gloves, because these are wearable year round. They can keep your hair in place during the windy fall weather. They can keep the chill off of your neck during the cool winter months. They can keep the rain from your hair during the wet spring months, and they can keep the sun from burning your neck and head during the hot summer months. And all year round...they can make your outfit look remarkable.

Every woman should have about a half dozen scarves to choose from. But doesn't keep these silky beauties in the closet! Keep one on you, and keep an extra one in your purse. A quick scarf change can turn your professional outfit into a professional casual or even casual outfit!

When shopping for silk scarves, how do you know what to get?

Here is a guide to help you choose the best style:

Some people may choose to wear one that matches their shoes, belt, and purse. This is a bold statement and you need to be careful if you choose to do this. It's not always a fashion faux pas, but it could be overwhelming and even dangerous to do. However, if it also matches your shirt, it may work well. Otherwise, choose one that coordinates with what you have and don't choose any colors that are too bright; instead, go for bold but subdued colors. Metallic blue and moss green can look great. Pumpkin is the new red this fall and purple is the new black so you may want to consider those if they go with your wardrobe.

One good way to choose appropriate colored scarves is to find one that have two colors: one color that matches your shirt and another color that either matches a business suit coat or coordinates with it well. One great looking example might be a light blue shirt, a dark blue business suit coat and a scarf that combines a light blue (matching your shirt) and a pumpkin. This could be a great look on many women! Should your silk accessory be patterned or unpatterned? If a lot of your clothes are bold patterned clothes, consider using ones that are plain. If you have unpatterned clothes, then a splash of color and pattern at your neck can be good. If you have a patterned one, keep it around your neck and don't wear it as a head wrap. If you do, you run the risk of making your head appear too large. However, if the rest of your clothes are plain and unpatterned and your accessory has a pattern and it is tied around your neck it can draw attention to your face...which is exactly what you want!

These also make a great addition to your wardrobe and work well for both formal and casual functions. You can dress yourself up or down with the simple addition of these beautiful items! This holiday season, give yourself a gift by picking up a half dozen scarves.

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